Penis Enlargement Patch and Systemic Conditions

Penis enlargement patch can act against sexual side effects of systemic conditions. The herbal ingredients promote optimum emotional health by strengthening the nervous system.

Penis enlargement patch can provide essential sexual nutrition to the malnourished. Infertility in couples can result from poor sexual health of either of the partners.

The risk to infertility increases with age and incidence of multiple disease conditions. Disease conditions like sexually transmitted disorders and congenital defects can cause infertility.

Nutrition, lifestyle habits and environmental factors can have an effect on sexual health. Penis enlargement patch herbs work against poor sperm health by acting against metabolic stress. 

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Poor sperm health, damaged gonads and prostrate disease are the primary male infertility factors. Idiopathic factors contribute for about one third of impotence conditions.

Infertility treatment is expensive and multifactorial in nature. The prognostic protocol involves physical examination, blood tests and diagnostic procedures. Penis enlargement patch increases the ability of survival of spermatozoa in the female reproductive tract for fertilization. 

A decline in fertility is reported after the age of thirty five. Infertility can occur from poor motility characteristics of spermatozoa, inability of mature sperm to reach the egg and failure of development post fertilization. Autoimmune disorders can initiate antibodies against the developing fetus in women. 

Systemic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disorders can affect fertility. Nicotine use, alcohol indulgence and celiac disease affect hormone levels. Hormone levels can be pushed out of balance by certain prescription drugs.

The ability of the sperm to move in the female reproductive tract can be affected by cervical mucus viscosity. Personal, genetic and familial history help in the treatment plan of infertility conditions. Penis enlargement patch herbs protect sperm DNA reducing the risk to transmission of damaged genetic material to the offspring.

Reproductive hormone concentrations can affect the physiological process of spermatogenesis.
Clumped or agglutinated sperm is incapable of free movement towards the mature egg.

Varicocele refers to the inflammation of veins around the testis. Physical obstruction can prevent the release of sperm during ejaculation. Penis enlargement patch herbs improve ejaculatory ability by increasing penile blood flow.

Certain genetic and congenital conditions affect reproductive ability in men. Anatomical variations like Varicocele can cause infertility. Infective conditions like mumps, testicular trauma and chronic systemic disease reduces male infertility. Environmental exposure to chemicals, toxins and steroid use affects sperm motility.

High testicular temperature, low testosterone and ejaculation problems initiate impotence. Semen analysis determines sperm count, shape and health. Biopsy of testicular tissue can be obtained to determine histologic factors of infertility. 

Assisted reproduction techniques can be obtained in certain specialist clinics. Penis enlargement patch herbs improve virility in men without negative systemic interaction.

Testosterone is the most active androgen synthesized by the male testis. The cortical region of the adrenal glands secretes secondary androgens in smaller quantities. 

The leydig cells of the testis participate in the synthesis of androgens. Androgen concentration is controlled by leutinizing hormone of the pituitary gland. Penis enlargement patch herbs can be used in medical conditions like micropenis and peyronie's disease.

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