Diabetic Neuropathies And
Penis Enlargement Patches

People suffering from diabetes can develop nerve damage throughout the body. Diabetic neuropathies can be seen in about 60 to 70 percent of the population suffering from diabetes.

The risk for this disease rises with age and duration of diabetes. Some of the symptoms of this disease are pain, tingling sensation in the hands, arms, feet etc.

Nerve problems can also be seen in the digestive tract, heart and the sex organs of the body. Sex organs play a very vital role in the reproductive process.

If any of these organs malfunctions, it can lead to sexual disorders in both men and women. Diabetic neuropathies can also be commonly noticed in obese people or people having trouble controlling their blood sugar. This disease can also hinder sexual performances.

The sexual issues of people suffering from this disease can be easily resolved with the help of penis enlargement patches. 

Causes of Diabetic Neuropathies

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Diabetic neuropathies can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Experts are still trying to study how prolonged exposure to high blood sugar can cause nerve damage in the body. Nerve damage can be due to a variety of factors:

• Metabolic factors like high blood sugar, diabetes, low levels of insulin etc.
• Neurovascular factors can also damage the blood cells that carry oxygen and essential nutrients to the nerves.
• Lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol, drugs can release free radicals that can prove harmful for the nerve cells.

Penis enlargement patches can help to resolve sexual issues in diabetic people. The male reproductive tract consists of compounds known as the advanced glycation end products which are formed as a result of the addition of sugar that accumulates during normal aging.

These patches help to transport the essential nutrients through the transdermal route to the penile tissues. 

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathies

Diabetic neuropathies can be of various types and the symptoms may differ accordingly. The most common symptoms of this disease are weight loss, depression, pain or tingling sensation in the hands and feet and many more. Diabetic neuropathies can be of 4 type's i.e. peripheral neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, proximal neuropathy and focal neuropathy.

Autonomic neuropathy can cause urinary tract infections, by preventing the bladder from emptying completely. It also helps to reduce the sexual response in both men and women. Men may experience erectile dysfunction or pre mature ejaculations. Penis enlargement patches can help to improve the quality of the semen and help in attaining control over ejaculations.

The key elements and natural ingredients in penis enlargement patches allow for an erection to occur by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and also increase the level of nitric oxide that provides for an erection.

Also the natural herbs used in penis enlargement patches increase the androgenic effects and the testosterone levels in the body, which in turn enhances virility and frequency of sexual activities with your partner.

So from the above article we can see that penis enlargement patches help to enhance the sexual performance in diabetic men and also boost their self esteem and confidence.

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