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Reduce Antisperm Antibodies

Infertility is a common problem faced by many men in today's world. There may be a variety of causes for infertility in males. One such cause is antisperm antibodies.

Men who suffer from this disease get sensitized to sperms which in turn cause the immune system to destroy the sperms in the body.

In the normal human body, the testes of men generally protect the sperm from the immune system.

This article will discuss on how penis enlargement patches can reduce the chances of antisperm antibodies in men.

The ingredients in these patches contain special herbs that help in improving the blood flow to the penis. When the penis gets filled with blood, it allows for stronger and harder erections in men. A penis plays a very vital role in sexual intercourse.

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Men who suffer from antisperm antibodies have a broken barrier that provides easy access to the immune system to meet the sperm. This disorder is generally found in infertile men since this is the reason that reduces the quality and functioning of the sperm.

Antibodies can either be found on the head or tail of the sperm. Depending of the location of the antibodies, the sperm can be drastically affected. Many companies have started introducing special medicated penis enlargement patches that help to release the active compounds directly into the bloodstream.

All men irrespective of their penile length and width can avail the benefits of these patches. These patches ensure greater blood supply to these chambers. If the antibodies are found on the head of the sperm, it can prevent the sperm from fusing with the egg which in turn prevents fertilization from taking place in females.

If these are found on the tail, then the sperms either get immobilized or clumped together. These patches help to prevent the chances of antisperm antibodies from developing by expanding the erectile chambers in order to increase the flaccid and erect length of the penis.

These penis enlargement patches also help in increasing the self confidence in men. 
Antisperm antibodies can be caused by the cervical mucus found in most women. This mucus is the cause of about 40 to 50% of unexplained infertility in couples. This disorder can also be caused by twisted testicles, injury or infection to any sexual organs of the body. 

Essential ingredients in these patches can improve the synthesis of the natural sex organs in the body. There is no decrease in the sex drive as these penis enlargement patches are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins that contribute for sexual health. 

The aphrodisiac properties in penis enlargement patches help men in improving their fertility. This also helps in improving physical and emotional intimacy in relationships by improving the sex lives. These patches make use of transdermal technology.

Doctors can diagnose these disorders by carefully analyzing the man's sperm and the woman's cervical mucus after sexual intercourse. Once diagnosed, these antibodies are difficult to eliminate. Patients are usually given high doses of cortico steroids to restore fertility temporarily.

These doses can cause serious side effects. Another alternative to these methods are the penis enlargement patches. These patches are completely safe for usage.

Keep Room Warm Rather Than Cold

Creating the correct ambience when it comes to sex is a must. Having a rather cool or extremely warm room temperature can spoil the sexual mood and make you uncomfortable. Have the room set to the correct temperature. Switch off the air conditioner or set to a respectable room temperature that can aid you in sex. A warm environment does wonders to both the penis and the vagina. It helps to dilute the blood vessels, leading to more swelling in the vagina and penis. It can also result in sex flushes, where pinkish spots might appear on her torso, feet or the entire body as a result of increased blood flow on the surface of the skin.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are a great way to boost your metabolism as well as your stamina. As we age, our stamina too decreases which leads to panting or gasping of breath. This is one of the reasons why some men find it difficult to last in bed. Cardio does not mean hitting the treadmill and pushing yourself until you fall flat on your back. A simple jog or a brisk walk around your neighbourhood can also do the trick. Get used to the idea of walking or jogging. Jog for half an hour and see how you feel. If you feel that your heart is not beating hard, you can add another half an hour to your routine.

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