Penis Enlargement Patch and Vasodilatation

Penis enlargement patch herbs can provide uniform gains in penile length and width. The aphrodisiac herbs increase orgasmic ability and erectile function through greater blood flow.

Penis enlargement patch promotes increased filling up of erectile chambers initiating tissue expansion. 

Priapism occurs from retention of blood in the erectile chambers of the penis. The pathogenesis of the above condition may not be related to sexual stimuli and arousal patterns. 

Non treatment of the condition can cause permanent loss of erectile ability leading to impotence. There can be progressive hardening and scarring of viable penile tissue. Penis enlargement patch herbs work against scar formation by increasing blood flow to the organ. 

It has been reported to occur in me irrespective of age including infants. The etiological factors of the above condition are not well established. 

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Circulatory insufficiency and sexual dysfunction 

Circulatory disorders and variation in viscosity of blood can cause Priapism. Some of the hematopoietic disorders include sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia and multiple myeloma. Penis enlargement patch acts through transdermal route and is not limited by the presence of systemic disease conditions. 

A diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat can cause obesity. Obese individuals have a higher risk to sexual dysfunction and systemic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. The damage to arterial integrity form chronic hypertension cannot be undone. 

Nerve injury, spinal cord damage and pelvic trauma can cause erectile dysfunction. Surgical procedures and genetic diseases can alter physiology of normal erection. 

Testosterone supplementation and established results

Artificial testosterone supplementation, steroid use and hypertension drugs can be damaging to sexual health. Recreational drug use can affect blood flow patterns disturbing penile circulation. Penis enlargement patch herbs can reduce the sexual side effects of poor lifestyle habits through action against free radicals. 

The use of crude mechanical devices like penis pumps to achieve erection can cause blood vessel damage. There can be permanent loss of erectile function with frequent use and haemorrhage. 

Painful erection that lasts for more than four hours could be a symptom of Priapism. The tissue mass that surrounds the end of the penis is referred to as soft glans. Penis enlargement patch herbs can promote hormonal balance working against androgen deficiency. 

The painful erect state of the penis with priapism can be relieved by drainage of blood with syringe. Severe conditions may require surgery to prevent loss of erectile function. 

Erectile function and general health

The retention of blood for prolonged period of time in the corpus cavernosa can cause clotting initiating thrombosis. Penis enlargement patch herbs increase erectile function through testosterone and vasodilatory actions. 

Artificial testosterone replacement therapy may not be successful in providing men with necessary bone and muscle strength. There can be limited restoration of sexual ability with certain benefits after andropause. 

There can be definitive risks to hormone replacement therapy pushing the need for legitimate use. Penis enlargement patch herbs stimulate testicular cells to increase generation of testosterone necessary for libido. Testosterone boosts positive sexual behavior and fertility in men. 

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