Penis Enlargement Patch and Ejaculatory Ability

Sexual satisfaction typically depends on the type of sex position partners indulge in. This is because different sex positions allow for different body stimulations. Some sex positions allow for easy g-spot stimulation while for others, g-spot stimulation can be difficult to achieve. The size of the penis can also determine the ideal sex positions sexual partners can indulge in. Not all sex positions that work for men with small penises could work for those men with big penises. The following are the 5 sex positions to try if you have a big penis;

The clip

The clip sex position is where a man lies down on his back while the woman gets on top and controls the depth of penetration. The good thing about this position is that the woman can dictate the depth of penetration that she is more comfortable with. She can also enjoy increased stimulation as a result of the friction between her clitoris and her manís pubic bone. This position is ideal for couples where the male partner is well-endowed as the man is unlikely to hurt his woman during penetration since he is submissive.

The cherry on top

In this position, the woman lies on top of the man with her back resting on the manís chest. The man then makes penetrations from behind. This position allows for an easy clitoral and g-spot stimulation since the man can access the womanís clitoris and g-spot directly. While lying in this position, the man is able to thrust enough Ė that which is not considered too deep to hurt the woman. More clitoral stimulation combined with vaginal penetration makes this position very satisfying if the man has a big penis.

The Thigh-High Straddle

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The thigh-high straddle is where the man sits with his legs crossed while the woman straddles him. The crossed legs of the man act as a support for the woman and allow her to control the depth of penetration with her butts. This position is more romantic as both partners face each other and can even kiss or cuddle for more intimacy.

The stand and deliver

In this position, the woman faces the man and lifts one of her legs around his waist. For penetration to occur perfectly, the man may need to squat a little. The man then thrusts enough since this position tends to restrict the entire penetration. Both partners are likely to relish this position since the woman doesnít have to worry about the pains from intense thrusting.

The crouching tiger

The crouching tiger is a position in which the man anchors his feet on the floor and lies on his back on the bed. While lying on the bed, he places his bum on the edge and bends his knees and feet to the floor. The woman then squats on top of him and faces the opposite direction as the man while allowing him to support her bottom.

The most exciting thing about this position is that both the man and the woman can touch each otherís genitals thereby increasing sexual stimulation. The woman has the power to control the length that penetrates her as she lifts herself up and down his manís penis.

It's safer at the shallow end

When it comes to pleasing your woman, you need to be patient with her. Sometimes, you might be able to bring her to orgasm, but sometimes times, you might just give up. Keep trying. Your main aim should be to build up the sexual tension. Keep her onto the edge and do not make her orgasm just yet. Prolong the pleasure for as long as you can. When you go in for the final lunge, keep it slow and shallow. Do not fully penetrate her, but instead just dip in and out of her vagina. This will leave her in anticipation for the real action and she will be craving for more.

Stop Waiting For The Right Time

There is no perfect time for sex. Remember the time when you used to find time for sex. It is natural that as relationships grow old, so does sex. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this. Reasons such as heavy work schedule, stress, depression, kids or housework can take a toll onto your sexual life. You might want to do it tonight, but seeing your girl tired or stressed out might change your decision. The perfect time will never come this way. You need to create it. Plan a date to have sex, no matter how busy day you have had. Create opportunities for yourself and try adding more spice to your love life by coming up with new and fun ways to have sex.

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