Penis Enlargement Patch and General Health

Penis enlargement patch herbs works against oxidative damage initiated by free radicals. Free radicals from metabolic oxidation are associated with aging.

Antioxidants work against free radical damage. Some of the free radicals generated in the body can cause pathologic conditions in conjunction with disease factors.

Sexual Vitamins and Aging

Antioxidant action is reported in organic vitamins, few minerals and natural dietary sources. Natural herbs have been employed to reverse sexual aging through aphrodisiac action. 

Fruits and vegetables are said to be rich with antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins. Herbal penis patch can help men with sexual dysfunction that rises from weakness and malnutrition.

Penis enlargement patch negates the risk to lowering of testosterone concentration in the body with aging. Environmental toxins have been reported to mimic sex hormones of the body affecting fertility. Household chemicals like detergents, furniture cleansers and floor washers with chronic exposure lower sexual function.

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Sex Hormones and Longevity 

Penis enlargement patch herbs enhance general health by working against muscle loss seen with andropause. The decrease in testosterone concentration affects sexual behavior, stamina and neural pleasure centers. Herbal penis patch increases testosterone concentration by acting on pituitary and hypothalamus. 

Penis enlargement patch herbs maintain prostrate health working against urinary incontinence. Poor urinary control is reported in aging men with benign prostatic hypertrophy. The enlargement of the prostate affects urinary spinchter control and functional abdominal muscles. 

Penis enlargement patch can improve fertility in men by increasing the percentage of viable spermatozoa in the semen. 

Penile Trauma and Sexual Dysfunction

Penile trauma can cause erectile dysfunction and infertility in men. Surgical procedures are advised for most forms of penile injury with immediate treatment. 

Treatment plan works to restore penile health, erectile function and urinary ability. Urethral damage and morphologic injury is often associated with penile trauma. Penis enlargement patch herbs can lower the incidence of cutaneous penile infections by stimulating immune activity. 

Fracture of the penile tissue is regarded with damage to the contractile chambers corpus cavernosa. Diagnostic techniques can be employed to determine extent of penile trauma. 

Sexual Dysfunction and Ischaemia

Normal physical examination and retrograde urethrographic studies can also be employed. Penile amputation indicates total severing or complete accidental dehiscence of the organ. Penis enlargement patch maintains sperm health by increasing blood flow to the gonads. 

The male semen is rich in biomolecules called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins with deposition in the female reproductive tract during coitus bring about sperm movement. They work to push up the probability of fertilization. Ischaemic pain in gonad can occur with contraction of blood vessels initiated by hormones. 

The use of antidepressants to treat certain forms of sexual dysfunction is accompanied by multiple systemic side effects. Mental confusion, poor motor control and rashes occur in few individuals. 

There can be swelling of eyelids, lips and induction of delirium. Hallucinations and death can occur with concurrent convulsions and hypotension. Herbal penis patch is safer over most prescription drugs. Penis enlargement patch herbs increase ejaculate volume and sperm count in the semen.

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