Penis Enlargement Patch and Hormonal Actions

Penis enlargement patch herbs can improve the sexual confidence of a man by increasing average penis size.

The aphrodisiac agents push up vascular blood flow to the organ increasing the size of the contractile chambers.

Penis enlargement patch herbs can increase the orgasmic potential of a man by working on neuromotor strength of the body. 

Aphrodisiac Herbal Power:

Stress hormones could increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels in men. Stress can cause symptoms like increased heart rate, irritability, fatigue and poor emotional health. 

Psychological stress could also affect general health status. Men who lead stressful work lives can greatly benefit sexual health with regular physical activity. Penis enlargement patch herbs can improve sexual stamina in men by strengthening the musculoskeletal system. 

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Regular sex can be very beneficial to the general health of adults. Sexual indulgence can provide multiple physiological benefits like longevity, pain relief and optimum immune health. Penis enlargement patch herbs can help aging men by providing longevity with sexual ability. 

Erectile Dysfunction in Men:

Inelasticity of the contractile chambers could cause problems with erectile function. There can be testicular shrinkage after the age of forty in men. 

There can be decrease in testicular size from 3cms to about 2cms with andropause. There can be shortening of penile curvature from the accumulation of scar tissue. Penis enlargement patch herbs enhance testicular function by improving gonadal blood flow. 

Peyronie's Disease:

Peyronie's disease is seen to affect men over the age of forty. Peyronie's disease can affect the ability of a man to indulge in intercourse and cause painful erections.
There is loss of penile sensitivity with aging. This can affect the orgasmic potential of a man and his ability to derive sexual pleasure. 

Peyronie's disease may require surgery for correction with the defective morphology. The decrease in erectile function and ejaculatory ability may be overcome by exercise and aphrodisiac herbs. Penis enlargement patch herbs can be employed to overcome faulty penile curvature. 

High testosterone levels are reported in men with low body fat. Obese men generally have lower levels of testosterone compared to normal weight men. The ideal body fat percentage in men is about ten to fifteen percent. Regular diet should contain adequate amounts of protein and beneficial fatty acids.

Poor Vascular Health:

The use of penile implants to treat erectile dysfunction can cause multiple complications. Severe cases of sexual dysfunction are generally non responsive to prescription drugs. 

Aging men should actively engage in sexual activity to act against loss of erectile dysfunction. Poor blood flow to penile head may affect the way there is expansion of the contractile chamber with erection. Penis enlargement patch herbs improve erectile function by providing enlargement of the erectile chambers. 

The risk to erectile dysfunction is reduced by about half in men with sexual indulgence for about once a week. Sexual activity can be a form of physical exercise that works to maintain the functional ability of gonads. Penis enlargement patch herbs can reduce the refractory period experienced between two consecutive ejaculations in men.

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