Penis Enlargement Patch And Sperm Count

Penis enlargement patch can be used by men to overcome sexual dysfunction conditions. 

The herbal aphrodisiacs act against premature ejaculation by inducing development of voluntary ejaculatory control. 

Penis enlargement patch herbs can lower the risk to infertility from exposure to toxic environmental toxins. 

Sperm Defects:

It is said that twenty five percent of all infertility conditions are caused by sperm defects. Half of all infertility conditions may involve sperm defect as a primary cause or contributing factor.

Penis enlargement patch herbs can be employed to maintain sperm health. 
Men with normal sperm counts may still be infertile from poor morphological characteristics of the spermatozoa.

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Healthy men with low sperm counts may be able to have children with repeated attempts at conception. Penis enlargement patch herbs can be employed to increase average sperm count in the semen. 

Potential for Conception:

The ability of the male sperm to fertilize the female egg is the primary criterion to determine potential for conception. The average semen volume is about 2 ml or more with a pH of 7.2 to 8. The sperm concentration would be higher than 20,000,000. Penis enlargement patch herbs with regular use increase semen volume by acting on the testicles. 

More than half of all developing spermatozoa should have progressive movement at about fifty percent. Rapid motility should be about twenty five percent higher. Penis enlargement patch herbs can work to strengthen morphological characteristics of developing spermatozoa in the testis. Spermatozoa with poor morphological characteristics may not be able to survive in the female reproductive tract. 

Normal Sperm Morphology:

Normal sperm morphology should be reported with about thirty percent of all spermatozoa forms. Vitality is indicated in about seventy five percent or more of all of them. The presence of immune components should be lower than 1,000,000/ml. The presence of sperm antibodies can lead to destruction of male fertility. 

The success rate of artificial assisted means of reproduction may be determined by the above factors. Hormone concentrations can be determined with blood tests. Sperm penetration assays and hormonal analysis may be performed in addition to sperm function tests. Penis enlargement patch herbs can be employed to improve average testosterone concentrations.

Herbal penis patch ingredients do not lose functional efficacy unlike oral drugs. The herbal penis patch that acts through the transdermal route undergoes very little hepatic metabolism. 

Alcohol Intake:

The presence of antibodies on sperm head may cause failure to fuse with the egg. Moderate alcohol consumption may impair fertility and affect foetal development. There could be increased risk to spontaneous abortion from damaged sperm DNA at the time of fertilization. 

Abnormal liver functions affect sperm development and hormone levels. There could be damage to seminiferous tubules of the testicles affecting the process of spermatogenesis. 

Chronic alcohol consumption could cause disease like liver disease, neuritis, irritable gastrointestinal health and muscular dystrophy. Obesity, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition are experienced by chronic drinkers. Penis enlargement patch herbs can be used by men to limit the sexual side effects of chronic alcoholism.

Appreciate And Tease Your Girl!

Women are generally emotional when compared to men. You need to prove it to your girl, that you too acknowledge her emotional needs and are the best guy for her. Talk to her and ask her what she thinks about trying out new positions when it comes to sex. Surprise her with gifts or a romantic date to her favourite restaurant. When it comes to sex, focus your attention to every part of her body. Be patient with her and ask her where she would like to be touched. She needs to be an equal participant in the love making process. Talk dirty with her and leave her in anticipation on what is to come next.

Attempting To Give An Orgasm Through Penetration Alone

Many men are of the belief that a good hard session of hot sex can bring any woman to orgasm. This is so not true. Unlike men, women take a lot of time to reach their climax. You need to be extremely patient. If you are an amateur in oral sex, you might want to pick a tip or two from online resources. Check out some forums and blogs and learn some oral sex moves and experiment them on your woman. You might not get it right the first time, but with practice, you are sure to master it. Talk with you woman when you go down on her. Ask her, if she is comfortable and what other ways can you make it pleasurable for her. She will actually be delightful that you are asking her opinions in pleasuring her.

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