Penis Enlargement Patch - For The Greatest Ejaculatory Experience

Penis enlargement patch herbs can negate the sexual side effects of prescription drugs sued for systemic disease conditions.

Lifestyle habits like tobacco, alcohol and recreational drug use impair fertility. Penis enlargement patch herbs increase the sexual confidence of a man by improving blood flow to the gonads.

Sexual Aging: 

Decreased testosterone with aging is further related to reduction in total number of sperm, increase in the number with abnormal shape and reduced motility.

It is said that erection is not essential for a man to experience orgasm and ejaculation. Erectile function is necessary to engage in sexual intercourse.

Penis enlargement patch herbs improve physical stamina to engage in frequent sexual activity. There is high blood flow to the penis with the experience of sexual arousal. Penile erection is a complex physiological process that involves the participation of many chemicals.

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Penis enlargement patch herbs help maintain neurotransmitter balance necessary fro strong erectile function. 

Penile Physiology:

The participant chemicals have great role to play in male and female sexual arousal mechanisms. The chemicals indicated are nitric oxide and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Penis enlargement patch herbs bring about local vasodilatation by acting through the biomolecule nitric oxide. 

There is relaxation of smooth muscles that control blood flow within the penis. The above chemicals are influenced by the presence of testosterone. Low testosterone negates the potential of NO and cGMP to bring about penile erection. Penis enlargement patch herbs improve testosterone concentration by working on the testicles and he pituitary gland. 

Regulation of Hormones:

The primary regulator of the above two hormones is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is synthesized in the body from testosterone.

The amount of penile blood flow experienced is about thirty to sixty times higher than regular blood flow rate for erection. This change in blood flow rate traps a volume of 120ml in the erect penis over the flaccid state.

The blood pressure is seen to raise form 10-15mm Hg to 120 mm Hg. Penis enlargement patch herbs maintain optimum penile vascular health by bringing about regular local vasodilatation. 

Sexual Response Mechanism:

The release of the hormone oxytocin with the experience of orgasm reduces the amount of cGMP released. The increased penile blood flow with erection is brought about by contraction of the blood vessels. 

Herbal penis patch brings about greater release of happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine and enkephalins with sexual intercourse. It negates the risk to premature uptake of the above pleasure biomolecule sin the synaptic clefts. Serotonin is referred to as the happy hormone. 

There is lowering of flow of blood volume with time and drainage of excess trapped blood to return to flaccid state again. Sexual arousal is seen to influence smooth muscles contained in the gonadal tissue. 

The relaxation of the smooth muscle causes penile tissue to be engorged by blood with erection. Vascular damage is the primary causative factor of erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement patch herbs can delay the incidence of impotence in men by promoting vascular health in them.

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Sex after a point of time becomes boring. You need to find out ways and means of spicing it up. Everybody has a sexual fantasy that they want to try out with their partners. If you do not have one, why not cook up one and play it out with your partner. Discuss on the scenario with them and come up with sexy characters. Scenes such as you both being stranded on a deserted island or beach can help in heightening your passion. You can even indulge in role-play such as nurse doctor, teacher student or police prisoner and find ways and means to pleasure one another.

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