Significance Of Afterplay

After enjoying an intimate and zealous lovemaking experience, never leave! There is the next phase of ending this session that is called afterplay. Foreplay is the initial phase, where you prepare your partner for an intimate session.

Afterplay is also important as foreplay because after intense physical exertion of sexual climax, your body is in a distinctive situation, which is highly favorable for relaxation during which both can cuddle, caress, share intimate thoughts or listen to soft music.

Afterplay lasts only a few minutes but is significant for both male and female. There is a feeling of closeness and the couples can share their difficult moments experienced, while their intercourse frankly afterwards. Many couples use this time to solve nonsexual problems between them.

Common diversions

Many males and females are afraid of after sex weakness, so they watch TV, eat something or turn over and fall asleep instantly after orgasm. Actually, they are wasting their good chance of improving their intimacy.

Sarah's complain

Sarah complained, “ After sex, John Hops from the bed, goes to the washroom then returns back and goes to sleep right away or gets wrapped up in TV programs. On weekends, he fixes us with delicious snacks. I love him, he is good at sex but I want him in bed for a little cuddle. I desire that he holds me saying loving things.”

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John's complain

Sarah's husband John was happy and contended with their sexual life. John complains that, “Sarah does not understand my need for space later. She thinks I am snubbing her, but it is not so.”

When John was made to understand the significance of afterplay to Sarah, they came up with a solution. John promised not to switch on the TV or go to sleep for minimum ten minutes after he returns from the bathroom. In that time, he will cuddle and hold her as Sarah desires. Sarah in turn assured that she would not complain about his sharing household chores in those intimate moments.

Surprisingly, he started loving the cuddling and afterplay became significant to him also. Both got time to learn more about one another's preferences and sexual desires in those intimate afterplay ten minutes. They now try to satisfy one another's fantasies and getting closer than before.

Relax alone sometimes

There must be time, when intimately close couples want nothing more but to roll on the opposite sides and go to sleep. There are times, when they desire to be alone. Not every sexual session should end with an afterplay.

Afterplay guidelines

  1. Never use afterplay to measure your performance or sexual post- mortem. If your lovemaking needs discussion then do it another time. Afterplay is not a podium for exposing sexual grumbles.
  1. Afterplay is an intimate moment to share your enjoyment regarding the sexual relations but sarcasm should not be detected.
  1. Afterplay is not a platform for discussing problems. It is not the ideal moment to talk about loan installments or electricity bills. Nonverbal communication like cuddling fortifies the closeness and ‘I love you' will carry a special meaning during this caring moment.

Lips, Neck And Ears

If you ask a woman, which part of sex does she likes more, the answer is definitely going to be kissing and foreplay. Most women love the soft and sensual touch. Light kissing and licking is all what she wants more and more every time. Try to know her sensual points better and she will be all yours. For instance, lips, neck and ears are the areas, which are sensitive to your touch and kiss and she is for sure going to melt. Start by kissing her lips gently. Move towards her chin and neck area. Next, gently bite and suck her ear lobe and that is if she has her part of satisfaction already.

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