Slot In A New Venue To Keep Your Sex Life Blazing

Probability is that you may had your reasonable share of enjoying sex outside your bedroom – in the shower, on the kitchen table, on the stairs, on the couch and more.

However, you might have gone very mischievous and had a rapid sex in the library, an alley, on the beach or any other public places. Although there are still many lusty venues you can include in your erotic exploration.

Someone has whispered it wisely that to keep your sex life thrilling stimulate it by adding in a new location frequently in your schedule. Here are some hot spots that are adventurous and can add spice and flavor to your sexual relationships.

In electrifying your sex life make sure that no one is snooping or there are no children around. It may be illicit and may turn out to be the headlines of the next day newspaper.

If you have made it final to have a sexual adventure in the public and are feeling devilish then males must wear pants with zippers or shorts, whereas the lady must have her shortest skirt on. These kinds of clothes are very comfortable for a rapid sex session.

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  • A golf course – When you are on the green take your time and play together for sometime. Explore the region and look out for some kind of shelter. There are many trees and bushes, which are grown on the outskirts of the golf field. Having a lie down together and fore playing under the short golf skirt can be an unforgettable experience.
  • In front of an open refrigerator door – The kitchen table, washing machine may be some common places you must have had an intimate performance but the fridge must still be an unexplored territory. Having the refrigerator door open and having the male sitting in front and the female straddling him. The cold chilling breeze from the fridge adds a thrill and is surely a plus point exploring one another. The female must be totally enjoying the dominant place on top and the male can take pleasure in looking at her beautiful body shining and shivering under his touch and the cool air. You can also have food and enjoy this kinky sex.
  • A rowboat – Turn a normal hot day picnic by the lake in an erotic pleasure trip. Hire a boat and row to some remote area that is free from public eyes. Out in the open and in a small boat, the couple can enjoy their intimacy in the missionary position.
  • Out in the field – Take a spin in the country side and have sexual intimacy in the high grass swishing on the border of the field. You will be unseen as you have a spin in the hay.
  • On a hike – Look for a large boulder, where you can veil behind and stay out of sight from the trail. The lady can wrap around her man's waist and enjoy this standup rocking position.

There are still many risky locations that can be added in your devilish experiences. It is fun but must be carried out cautiously and rapidly. To maintain your sizzling sack sessions, it is necessary to come up with exciting venues and try it out.

Breasts And Nipples

One of the most common mistakes that almost every man makes while caressing breasts and nipples is that he directly tries to pinch or tweak it. Well, if you think that this is what a woman wants and that is what excites her then you are completely wrong. All she wants is to be touched and kissed very slowly and gently in the beginning. Move your lips and tongue gently around her nipples and make it totally wet. Using your breath blow some cold air on her wet nipples and that is all what you need to do to arouse her completely. Remember, breasts and nipples are very sensitive areas of a woman. Have fun in touching and licking them and use them to your advantage.

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