Some General Sex Questions That Confuse Everyone

There are hundreds of questions regarding sex that can misguide anyone. Below certain specific confused questions are answered to enlighten everyone.

Do women favor a circumcised man?

The taste of every woman differs. You will find that some women desire circumcised man, while some favor uncircumcised. In addition, there are some women, who prefer both and would rather be pleased with either one.

Majority of men have complete genitals, so mostly women hardly get an opportunity to come across a circumcised penis. Actually, it is very easy to fondle the penis with a foreskin and give oral sex. Several females choose circumcised penises because they may have encountered uncircumcised penises, which were unclean.

I feel uncomfortable, when I have to give oral sex, advice me so that I can enjoy it more?

You are not bad at it but simply need more practice. With these tips you will feel more comfortable with going downtown. Plan a sensual shower together with slowly soaping and caressing one another. Dry yourselves with a towel and get prepared for foreplay.

You can select whipped cream or chocolate sauce over his penis and lick it gently. This will ease you and make you enjoy. Part of your queasiness may appear from being anxious to swallow. Don't, when he is ready you can catch the semen in a plastic bag. He never expects you to gulp, when you are uneasy.

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Can too much masturbation affect my sexual life adversely?

It is not supposed to be damaging provided that masturbation does not embrace your entire sexual life and does not dominate your intimacy with a partner. It is also vital to keep watch on the masturbation activities that you include.

You must be using porn, X-rated internet videos or photographs or telephone sex to elevate your pleasure make sure this does not upset your partner. Another factor is how much time you occupy in masturbation. This may disturb your social life and also having sex. This may be knotty.

I like having sex during nighttime and she is alive at the crack of dawn. How can we sync more?

Several men are nocturnal because their testosterone raises high at night and they feel horny. Some couples luckily have their sexual intimacy click together may it be morning or night. She is very busy and has many things to do during the day, you can help her out and so she can come to bed soon.

She likes to hit the sack in the morning. So on weekdays you can let her start the things. There is no such rule that you can have sex only in the morning and not at night. You can let her initiate things and these variations can spice your lovemaking sessions.

Help! My erection is dwindling? I am just 30?

At 30 you must not experience the diminishing quality of erectile. Just check you may be going through some stress, overweight, sedentary lifestyle or medications are some of the possible causes. Visit your doctor and get it checked out.

Inner Thighs, Behind The Knees, Crease Of The Elbow

Every woman has her own pleasure spots. Some are very common like neck, back, breast, nipples, etc. and some are really different and hard to believe. Like, behind the knees, elbow crease, inner thighs, etc. Caressing and touching her in these areas will excite her and moreover, the feel that you love everything about her just enhances her confidence. While you are touching her entire naked body during foreplay, give a little time to these areas. Lick her elbow crease, kiss on the back of her knees and most importantly touch her inner thighs passionately. These areas have nerve endings and are really sensitive. You will notice see her reacting as soon as you touch these parts.

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