Subtle Sex Public Positions To Enjoy A Quickie

More than 70% men and women fantasize having a quickie at public places. Several get excited by the jeopardy of getting caught, while some desire to spice their monotonous bedroom act. Romping in the fields or quickie in the bathroom may be different.

When a person wants to buy land or property, they first look at the location. The same thing applies for having sex in public location.

A quickie does not mean you have to be dull or boring but be creative. You can call your ladylove and tell her to come and see you urgently.

  • Once she turns up take her somewhere in a public garden or park. Make sure it is not crowded and no kids are around. Sit on the bench and make her sit on top facing you. She is wearing a long skirt, which luckily covers the act taking place inside. No foreplay, just unzip, enter by sliding her panties sideways but before entering you will have to kiss her passionately. This will turn her on, so she will get wet down there or it may be a hurting experience for her and you do not want that to happen. This position will hit her G-spot directly and just two thrusts and both will have to wind up.
  • You can also have quickie behind the tree. Kissing her and jacking her in and out can be done in seconds. Her short skirt comes in handy because you can easily insert in and out and not get entangled in long skirts.
  • The woman wearing short skirt and man wearing baggy trousers can make quickie possible anywhere in elevators, office store-room, club corners, bar bathrooms, dark corners.

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  • Dim-lighted rooms where there is a party, you can end up on the sofa having your lady on your lap with short dress and no underwear. Everyone imagine that you are enjoying your kiss but actually both are recharging your endorphin levels and wild action is going underneath.
  • Having a quickie on the beach at night with less crowd in a scissor position under the blanket with sea-wind, sky full of stars, passionate kissing and foreplay inside can turn to be memorable.
  • You can also have quickie in the sea-water. Just sit on his lap and ride him. No one can see you from the beach. Having sex in public is no sin but public offensiveness is human sin and can call for penalty or jail.

However to pull it off cleverly follow these tips:

  • Quickies are soundless or unvoiced. They need more mysterious actions and less lovey-dovey performance.
  • Your audience must be limited to an extent. Go somewhere less crowded.
  • Remember why it is called ‘quickie'. The dots of quickies are swift liberations and more or less immediate satisfaction. Apparently, don't glue it in, push twice and release. Just deduct the pointless stuff including no taking off clothes and minimum foreplay.
  • Make sure that after the quickie to button-up, zip-up and tuck-in. In addition see you are stain-free and also don't forget to tidy your hair. Ruffled hair may give cues about your sinful delight.

Romance During Sex

Definitely talking dirty will spice up things when you and your partner are engaged in that hot sex. However, it is not the only thing, which she desires to hear whenever you are doing it. Try to tell her things that can emotionally satisfy her. Remember, for a lady emotional satisfaction is more important than physical. Try to compliment her. Don't simply moan and let her know that you are enjoying the sex, but instead tell her that you just love being with her sexually. Tell her, she looks beautiful when she is wearing nothing and you just love the touch of her smooth skin. Things like these satisfy her and gradually the entire lovemaking experience turns out to be a memorable one.

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