Technique Of Having Miraculous Oral Sex

There are many different ways of enhancing your sex life and one among them is oral sex. You desire to be eager and passionate about offering a pleasurable experience to your lady as much as you can. Here are few pointers to hone your oral skills.

  • Start slowly: Kiss her all over gently and reach her thighs and buttocks. Tease them but stay away from the genital organs. It will arouse her before you start your actions. Get close but don't give in instantly.
  • Foreplay: Before removing her panties take a hot breathe against her secret regions. In addition, you can kiss her stomach and thighs.
  • Don't leap in: Work your way slowly inside after kissing and licking her vulva from the outside. Then proceed to her labia and spread them gently. Now lick and kiss the inner vaginal lips. Carry this out so passionately and this will make way for a more powerful action ultimately.
  • Avoid the clitoris: Steer clear from the clitoris as long as possible even when you are kissing the vagina or the labia. When you begin softly lick the clitoral hood and now she will get fully aroused.
  • Trace the alphabet: Move your tongue and pattern the alphabets on the clitoris. This tongue movement will torture the sensitive nerve endings.
  • Clitoris suck: As she gets stimulated lightly suck her clitoris and flick your tongue around it. Women like the combination of suction and rapid tremor.
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  • Listen to her response: Be alert and listen carefully of what she says or what sound she makes. On getting energized she will scream excitedly and if her response is less you can attempt a fresh stroke.
  • Use hands: Oral sex is not just mouth or tongue but you can also include your hands. Explore her body by massaging her thighs and buttocks. You can also extend your hands to her mouth, so she can suck your fingers.
  • Use fingers: You can apply your finger and penetrate her. Make a ‘come here' action with the penetrated finger and locate her G-zone that will heighten her to orgasm. As you penetrate don't stop licking her
  • Maintaining eye contact: In your excitement do not lose track of making an eye contact and giving her a smile along with a passionate look.
  • Don't take a break: When she is ready make sure you do not take a break because your arm is falling asleep or you have a kink in the neck. Continue your action until she has had her orgasm.
  • Make out when to stop: The clitoris has become very sensitive after orgasm, so after she reaches orgasm stop licking it strongly as before. Gently slow down as her responses begin to calm down.

The entire concept given above is useful but the actual magic of giving oral satisfaction is doing something unpredicted. So do something innovative and remember to be impulsive often. Bear in mind to remain willing every time and if she desires to go down there then accept it because she deserves it also.

Hold Eye Contact During Sex

Did you know maintaining eye contact for a couple of moments is very important while having sex? It sounds a little difficult, isn't it? Well, eye contact helps us in connecting with someone emotionally. This emotional connection really works for any female and she feels special about herself. When she is going down to give you, a good suck hold her gaze for a couple of moments and then turn around to enjoy. When you get on top of her look into her eyes for a couple of seconds and then start penetration. These few minutes of eye contact during sex will satisfy her and she will definitely want to have it again with you.

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