Tips To Augment Your Sexual Stamina

Premature ejaculation means the occurrence of male orgasm before your lady is prepared. Males experience this dilemma once in their life time. Failing to please your ladylove is the most awkward situation a man has to face during sexual intercourse. Therefore to avoid this unsatisfactory experience, some simple tips are given below to get out of these muggy situations.

  • Imagination – How to elongate your sex drive. The effective method is to dream a completely different event during the sex session. For instance, think about your weekend football game or a party scene. This technique helps to delay male orgasm for sometime but can actually affect its intensity.
  • Condoms - You can also make use of an enhanced and thicker protection. The next time you face an intimate situation, go with thicker condom. This will reduce the penis tip sensation. Heavier coated condoms help to lessen the peril of catching STD's and male member sensitivity. Such condoms are applied for anal penetration due to their sturdiness and durability.
  • Creams - Another way to de-sensitize the head of your penis is to apply special creams that freezes the penis tip and facilitates to perform for long in bed. These creams are available online and worldwide sex shops.
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  • Pull out - The most familiar method used by men is pulling out just before reaching orgasm. In this method men must foresee the feeling of an approaching orgasm. Every men can predict the point of reaching orgasm and must instantly stop stimulation. Obviously the women must co-operate and comprehend when that moment arrives. After sometime the erection softens a bit and lovemaking can recommence.
  • Timing - This method has noticeable benefits. First the women get a lot of time to climax. Secondly your orgasm can be belated with high force than usual. This is all with reference to timing. Make sure you pull out on time.
  • Masturbation - Another mode to augment your sexual stamina is to exercise frequently. Several males try masturbation all their lives, which is but natural. Obviously, when a man is intimately attached to his lover masturbation will not provide him the same height of stimulation but this practice will definitely help. During masturbation the man must stop just before ejaculation and resume again after the sensation recedes. This is the basic training for the male member to control, when orgasm comes closer. Keep on practicing because ‘Practice makes a man perfect'.
  • Supplements – There are excellent herbal supplements, which can help. These supplements help to elevate the flow of blood to the genitals and you get full erection that last long.
  • Oral sex – Enjoy giving her oral sex but before that make sure you are clean and groomed ready for some oral sex yourself, if she desires. You can carry her to the point of orgasm and then continue the real act of sexual intercourse.

These modes are realistic and clear because this is the manner it has to be performed. There is no other diplomatic way of saying so. Optimistically, these strategies will help a lot of men to accomplish greater stamina for potential sexual encounters. These strategies are easy and safe, which can resolve the root of this problem.

Pay Attention To Her After Sex

Most men believe in rolling over and sleeping as soon as they have had their part of pleasure. Well, it is obvious that you are tired and you need to relax, but do you know how a girl thinks about this. She actually feels used and deep in her heart she feels she never wants to be around you. If that is not what you, intend to do, then make sure you pay a little attention on her once you both are done with sex. Not much, but at least hug her for a while, if possible cuddle and make her feel that it was really special for you.

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