Tips To Strengthen Your Sexual Life

Maintaining a good sexual relationship takes time and attempt. It is not easy but challenging. Our lives are demanding and leave us exhausted and devoid of creative ideas that motivate us to maintain the tempo. The meaning of good sex does not inevitably signify spending hours of fore playing but it can be simple and something different for a change.

Females are cyclical creatures and her libido depends on her hormones as well as happenings in her life. Occasionally, it takes time to arouse a woman with the same routine, so it is necessary to add stimulating features to keep your sex life interesting.

Sex tips to enhance your relationship:

  • Communication is vital to strengthen the bonding between you. Both of you may feel uncomfortable in the beginning but in the end you will get even closer then before. Air your feelings and desires about your sexual life. Don't panic to request or try some new or different moves, positions and locations.
  • Don't ever bring major sex problems, when you are enjoying sexual intimacy. This topic can be brought up outside your bedroom, when both of you are having a quiet stroll some evening. In this way, your feelings are conveyed without ruining an intimate moment.
  • Fore playing must begin early on the day you have planned an intimate program. Give a lingering kiss instead of just a peck. Do small things like a quick call talking about how you are eager to spend time with her or send a sweet text message? At home you can massage his/her shoulder to release the tension. In this way emotional bond is created that activates the stimulation procedure, steadily escalating your intensity of anticipation all day and night.
  • Sex is not just a job but it is believed to be fun and to make it thrilling experiment with sex toys or create special ambiance and mood. Try something adventurous or daring and make it memorable.

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  • Sex must be fun for both, so sometimes let her lead the session. You can enjoy watching her in this way you will come to realize what she likes best. This change in initiating can spice up the bedroom fires.
  • You can also watch porn movies together but do not get obsessed with it. Watching a porn movie before you go for sex can stimulate you to experience a rare kind of sexual performance.
  • Enjoying your quiet evening with nothing planned but you can put on a CD and dance with her. It will increase your blood flow and can lead you to a memorable experience.
  • You can also try out oral sex on one another that can create stimulation and make you go crazy.
  • You can opt for quickies in the car, park, elevators that is outdoors. The adrenaline flow increases due to fear and thus you get an intense orgasm.
  • You can also give her a massage. Tease her by wandering near her vagina without touching them. Keep this massage session sensually physical but not sexual.

The Chest Area

All men know that a woman's nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of her body, but did you know that the sensitivity is not limited only to nipples. Generally, the entire chest area is sensitive and you can arouse your girl beyond a limit if you caress her the way she expects you to. Right from undressing her, pay attention to every detail. Think for a while that what you are doing is the whole thing and there is nothing more to do today. Touch her breast gently, lick and kiss areas around her breast. Very slowly move towards her nipples and start by kissing and licking her nipples very slowly. Blow some air on her wet nipples and gradually work your way down.

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