Tongue Techniques To Drive Your Woman Wild

Oral sex not only means flicking of your tongue on her genitals or for some it may be massaging the clitoris, which if done constantly can cause pain and numbness.

This will not drive your lady wild but irritate her. However, if you truly desire to shake her world then learn the accurate technique of tongue strokes that will make ‘licking the vulva' or cunnilingus special.

When you start using your tongue techniques to give pleasure to your lady bear in mind the most vital factor that don't jump down straightaway. However, steer clear from her clitoris till she is highly aroused. Women are highly sensitive to pain, if not damped down there.

You want to be a great lover and want her to come back for extra. Here are some petit oral sex coverts to be marked as her best lover.

  • The first turn-on for your woman will be your eagerness to perform cunnilingus on her. Avoid her genitals and begin by kissing her mouth softly.
  • Increasing the pressure slowly start exploring her neck, stomach, hands, thighs, toes and every part of her body licking and caressing using your hands and tongue or lips. Pay attention on her body language.
  • You will also have to make it clear that you are taking pleasure in it also because women are very self-conscious about their appearances and smell. Show passion for your actions down there. This will make her relax and help her to enjoy her own pleasure.
  • You can slowly move to her breasts and inner thighs that are her uttermost erogenous zones. From sucking her nipples, licking her stomach you can move to her inner thighs and reach her vagina.
  • At first you can apply your palms to rub her vagina, which will bring out a different feeling.

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Now you can try the four tongue strokes to give the special wild effect and drive her crazy.

  • Circle: Small and big circles on the left and right side of her clitoris in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction will make her extremely provoked. This gives her a wonderful experience of having tremendous stimulation on the outer surface of the clitoral hood.
  • Brushing: Placing your tongue on the right or left part of her clitoris brush from one side to another like brushing your teeth with tooth-brush. You can use rapid and slow strokes and keep ladylove speculating what is up next.
  • Flicker: Spread the lips of her vagina with your fingers. Rolling your tongue or pointed tongue softly flick around the clitoris. Let your tongue wander around the vulva but return to her clitoris often because it is very responsive. It drives every woman intensely crazy.
  • Inside and outside: A woman's nerve-endings lie few inches inside and around the opening of her vagina. Targeting the nerves with the tongue inserting inside and pulling it outside steadily can offer her amplified pleasure. Moving in and out and in circles inside the vaginal opening brings out the wild passion in her. As she orgasms don't stop your actions immediately. Many women like to continue the pleasure after orgasm, so keep on if she is enjoying. Luckily, you might succeed in bringing her around again! Enjoy!

Her Mound

When it comes to a woman's sensitive areas, it is not just limited to the vagina. To your amazement, if you really want to arouse her well play real slow on the areas around her vagina. Clitoris stimulation is very popular among women and it can give her a real good orgasm. Well, if it is about arousing her and not orgasm, the technique that you can follow is simply move your figures around her vaginal areas and accidently touch her clitoris. Do not go for clitoris stimulation too fast. Give her some time to process that. Now, she is aroused and she wants more. In a couple of seconds, you will see her begging for more.

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