Try Kinky Ideas And Keep Your Sexy Relationship Lively

Sex is always electrifying and lively at the beginning of a new rapport.

Lust is unpredictable.

You could be enjoying the most excellent sexual intimacy this month.

However, the next month it may turn out to be boring with up and down motions.

Don't forget there are still old relationships that are still reaping the pleasure of fervent sex. They are actually leading a much better and more satisfying sexual life.

The secret is to find out what you want in bed. So, when sex begins to get monotonous in the run, it just need a spark to set ablaze the sexual passion and bliss that both of you shared in the beginning. Once you pilot the enthusiasm into your bedroom then you will be indulging in the best sexual experience. Getting a bit kinky in bed will bring a lot more pleasure than you have ever imagined.

Kinky sex may not be acceptable by your lover, she may think you are a weirdo and may even dump you. Before anything bad turn up talk to her, educate her and prepare her before introducing any kinky games or toys. She may feel like a fool, if you bring it out during your sexual sessions. Preferably prepare her mentally before you leap in the bed with kinky concepts.

Before indulging in rough concepts of lovemaking always play safely or you may be sorry later on. Avoid doing things that will need a lot of explanation.

Kinky ideas for thrilling sexual performance

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  • Watch some other couples having sex or enjoy sexual intimacy, while someone is watching.
  • Place a full length mirror opposite your bed and have sex.
  • Bring whipped cream or chocolate into bed.
  • Grind and fumble one another, while clubbing.
  • Romantic, adventurous and scary sex on the rooftop or water tank of the building under the stars.
  • Dressing in characters and role playing is hottest way of sexual enjoyment.
  • Fantasizing various scenes and situations.
  • Having a bold and rapid sex in public places including office, elevator and dark corner.
  • Sexy holidays with another couple.
  • Getting wicked on the beach.
  • Have soapy sex under the shower.
  • Trying out exceptional sex positions from the Kamasutra for maximum enjoyment.
  • Enjoying erotic massages with one another.
  • Watch porn movies, when you are having intimacy with soft music in the background.
  • Make sex videos of both of you or take nude pictures but keep your face away from the camera.
  • Enjoy tantric sex.
  • Spanking, biting or furry cuffing can be great turn for controlling sex.
  • Having quick sex in the sauna.
  • Blindfold can open your other sensory organs and your imaginations.
  • Bondage is scary but can be turned out to be sexier than imagined with scarves and handcuffs.
  • Fingering her under the restaurant table. However, be sure that the tablecloth is big to cover your lewd act in public.
  • Having sex in water including pool or ocean.
  • A few sexy toys in your bedroom can be mixed for building up the excitement.

Never forget that everyone have their own preferences considering the kinky ideas. You can try something milder, bolder and just improvise.

Clitoris And G-Spot

Clitoris and g-spot are those areas, which you cannot afford to miss during foreplay. When you and your partner are naked and enjoying the fun thing, make sure, you tease her a little by putting your fingers at work on her clitoris for a few seconds. You can lick her down there when you are working on her inner thighs. Not more just lick her little bit to turn her on. Once you have had enough foreplay give her a real good oral and get her really close to climax. When you are kissing and licking her clitoris, gently find your way inside her vagina and try to find the g-spot.

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