Tips To Enjoy Sex Like A Teenager

No matter whatever their age might be, men always crave to be as graceful as they were in their teenage. You cannot forget your school or college days, when you were surrounded with beautiful girls wearing mini-skirts. You just played around to get your hands under their skirts or bras but got a smack on your hands. Just like every adolescent, you would spend hours in the bathroom without your mom's knowledge.

You have come all the way from losing your virginity and getting married. Now, even though you have a pretty sexy wife, you still miss the magic of intense and passionate lovemaking session. You are wrapped with loads of family and work responsibilities that your sexual desire is lost and sex life seems to be dwindling.

Determined efforts must be made to dismantle the real issue and enjoy good sex moments Instead of blaming each other rebuild your future and agree to alter things together. So, attempt something new and spend time with each other so you will have a fun time. Try some of the old tricks that sparked magic between you 2. Remember, at that time you couldn't unfasten a bra without any help. Certain things have been forgotten from those days, since girls welcomed your penis.

Replay make-out sessions

You must have not forgotten the make-outs enjoyed with your initial girlfriend. You had often tried to feel her breast and got whacked instantly. You did not notice her dad walk in, when you were kissing her passionately for hours. Nevertheless, ever since you became eligible to have sex, this teenage passion has possibly reduced. To ignite this passion, you need to get more intimate with her but avoid having sex.

Kiss tease

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Make out sessions can be made more interesting by slowly making circular motions with your tongue on the tip of her tongue and pull back without kissing. It is sure to propel quivers down her spine as well as make her desire for more. Another make out is to tell your partner not to move and start kissing her on the mouth, neck and many other regions.

She is sure to get aroused and return the favor. Do not stop her! Teasing her with kisses is adored. This can direct to other things but overall bear in mind that have fun together because relationship spells out more than just physical aspect.

Mutual masturbation

You may surely have cringed, when your health instructor used this term ‘masturbation' as an option to sex but now you are adult and understand that it can be fun. You can enjoy it with your girl watching you and vice versa. Don't feel shy but get comfortable with this self love theme. It's completely normal and a healthy activity for both male and female. Talk to her, share fantasies, your desires and encourage her to talk about her dreams.

After the masturbation conversation, you can carefully go to the next step and try performing in front of one another. You can blindfold her because she will not be conscious of you admiring her caressing herself. In the same way, you too can wear the blindfold to feel comfortable, the very first time. Now, you can create your own ways of getting a mutual hand-job done effectively.

Accepting Your Insecurities

If someone is sexually confident, it does not mean that the person has no insecurities about sex. Both men and women have their own insecurities when it comes to sex and especially those who have had multiple partners and who are beginners. Therefore, if you feel insecure about sex don't be afraid, it is totally normal and you are certainly not the only one who feels that way. Now, the only way in which you can overcome these insecurities is by accepting them. Once you accept them and move on gradually these insecurities will fade away and of course, your sexual confidence will enhance with it.

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