Tips On Back Door Expedition

Even though anal sex is prohibited in certain parts around the world, it is rapidly growing popular in those regions, where it is accepted. Make sure that your backdoor expedition is the best. So, let us get familiar with anal sex process.

Anal sex proposes to the introduction of a dildo or erect penis inside the anus for sexual stimulation. It includes the use of fingers, mouth, penis or objects. It is actually perceived to be the domain of gay men, which has changed today.

Talk to her

Anal sexual experience is a mutual process. If you want to try it, but your lady refuses then do not push her and respect her no access policy. If she agrees then have a frank talk with her because it is a little different than the regular sexual sessions. Your penis is inside her, but not in the vagina. It will be an entirely strange feeling that she is unused to, which is tricky.

Don't panic, it is the forbidden factor that has to be broken and this will build the excitement. Other than that anatomically speaking, males experience an extremely unusual feeling from anal insertion. It is a naughty and secretive mission agreed between both of you.

How to maintain hygiene?

Rectum is a route for feces though it is not a storage place, but is used before the bowel movement. Nevertheless, small amount can linger in the rectum, if feces are not well-rounded. Therefore, douching before anal sex helps the session to feel clean. While showering, slip a soapy finger, which is a good way to clean your anal region.

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People also take enemas before the session to feel clean and to avoid the feeling of abandoning bowel during sex. Nonetheless, enemas disturb the rectum and that elevates the jeopardy for HIV and STD's, so allow some hours to pass, before indulging in backdoor performance.

Are safety measures necessary?

Rectum wall is very skinny and porous, therefore safe sex is crucial. Condoms shelter you against several drifting fecal matter, however it will avert her from getting her ass filled with semen. Semen can get mixed with her rectum contents and make her sick, so use condom to avoid this hassle.

Additionally, back door sex can lead to fatal diseases like HIV, so use proper latex condoms that can reduce the risk. The receptive partner is at the threat of contracting STI. Furthermore, never slot in a sex toy or penis into her vagina or mouth after it has been introduced into the rectum. A new condom should be put on or the sex toy needs to be washed appropriately.

How to get started?

Sphincter muscles around her anus will not permit anything to pass through until you get her relaxed and remember to go slow. Communicate with her and it is wise to discontinue, if anything hurts her or makes her feel uncomfortable. The anus has no natural lubricant, so use water-based thick lubricant to decrease the danger of tearing the anal tissue.

The art of provoking and eagerness is the best gizmo present in your sexual toolkit. Do it appropriately and she will agree to repeat it. Screw it and you can say goodbye to backdoor sex.

Learn Sexual Skills

Most people think just because they have had sex before they know all the dos and don'ts of bedroom. Well, when it comes to pleasing someone you need to know more than that. So far, if you have never thought of researching about how to give someone a perfect orgasm, for sure now is the time. There is a lot to learn about pleasing your partner as well as there are thousands of resources available too. The more you know the more your confidence level will rise. Also, if your partner is pleased and is having a fantastic orgasm, it just proves how good you are at sex.

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