Tips To Locate Her Secret Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are precise parts of the female body that offer her more pleasure, when you touch it. For example, she gets more pleasure, when you caress her breasts instead of her elbows. Other main factor is that if she is attracted to you then every inch of her body will turn into a sensitive sector, if you just touch her. Additionally, skilled lovers find erogenous zones flawlessly without using a map or compass and use these supersensitive tools effectively in sexual games.

Sensitive boobs

Erogenous zones can be looked for on Google but merely recognizing the zones is not enough. You will have to study your partner carefully, because one girl has supersensitive breasts, while another hardly reacts, if you touch there. Boobs are popular region for males but they vary in size and shape from one woman to another.

Similarly the way you play with them also varies including caressing, squeezing gently, tweaking, holding, kissing, and sucking. The whole breast territory is loaded with nerve ends that respond to just a little touch. Remember to handle her breasts with care or it may cause her pain.

Stimulation art

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Some women may like to be caressed from the head to toe for sometime, before penetration, whereas other desires to get their fingers to get kissed and consequently will tremble and surrender. This depends on your skills. For attaining best outcomes in stimulation art, you need to recognize the most erogenous zones every time and make use of different kinds of strokes to find out their sensitivity. For this you have to be patient and caring towards your girl.

The real strength is in skilled caressing, which can successfully turn a frigid lady into a passionate partner. Thus the male can become an excellent lover. A woman is full of sensitive regions including back, neck, belly, wrists, elbow, shoulder, ankles and knees --- everything is receptive to caressing, kissing, touching and biting that creates different sensation.

Erogenous zones turn off

First thing to remember is that a female gets stimulated only, if she is in the mood. If she is upset a bit then she might respond you no matter whatever you do. Secondly, there is no association between excitement and caressing. Stimulation sends an inclination to the brain that triggers the sexual organs. If the female does not wish to have sex then her mind blocks the impulses and thus turns-off the erogenous zones.

Finger technique

Fingers are small but a strong sex tool. Women do not admire you humming down there but desire that you turn them on. Just go in with lots of confidence, creativeness and especially clean hands as well as trimmed nails. Massage her G-spot that is located about 2 inches on the anterior side of her vagina. She will achieve an ultimate orgasm with G-spot stimulation

Sensitive parts of your body differ and can change throughout your life maybe due to a new partner. Although, you can gain knowledge about sex techniques through reading books but communication with your partner is the best way to stir her effectively. Both of you can spend a lot of time caressing one another and even tell one another about your sensations and feelings.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like anything else, you can become a sex master only if you practice the tricks that you learn or read and keep in mind that mastering sex is not something that you can do overnight. Have as much sex as possible and try everything that you have read. Well, of course try out safe things, but trying and practicing will eventually improve your sexual performance. You and your partner both will have fun at these practicing sessions and guaranteed she will love being the subject of your practice. Also, this will give you both an opportunity to understand how to please and get the best orgasm from your partner.

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