Tips To Maintain Your Married Sexual Life

Intimacy is new, full of fun, and exciting in the beginning that makes the feel of love very special and invigorating. It is totally passionate and captures your mind and body. However, with time you got so comfortable with your relationship that you stop making effort to try anything new. The thing that was done in the initiating phase of your marriage like, making them feel special (flowers, gifts, dates and outings) is being forgotten as years have passed.

Your nuptial relationship has gone from intense, steamy phase to a habitual, lukewarm stage. Furthermore, even shoddier - an iced up tundra state. In this case, your entire relationship is in trouble, similar to the other marriage break ups due to insufficient intimacy. It is time to add spice to your sex life and re-ignite fire and fetch passion, enjoyment and enthusiasm in your wedding life.

You have forgotten that marriages require constant elevation, whether you have been together for two or ten years. Here are several ways to maintain your married sex life.

Create surprises – Married couples are stressed with their job, kids, cooking, washing and bills to count some. They actually squeeze a quickie once in a while. However, to get back the heat in your bedroom, you will have to surprise her at times.

No need to buy anything expensive to spice your sex life, but small things like caring signs, dates, listening and be gentle. You can cook her a surprise candle-night dinner on a day off or juggle a breakfast, which creates warm feelings. Remember to clean the kitchen after you prepare anything. Create memories that both of you can treasure together.

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Oral sex – When both of you had met in the beginning oral sex was performed often before you actually went for penetrative sex. As years have passed you got wrapped up in your duties that you have avoided grooming yourself. Now, you are not presentable for an oral sex session.

Bring oral sex back by having a bath together then as a part of foreplay shave and clean one another. You can both get fresh, clean and smell good for oral sex. Go slow down there lick every single corner enthusiastically, as if you do not want to be anywhere else. They are sure to return this favor, which will be explosive.

Anal sex – You may already have employed vibrators or dildos to stimulate the clitoris or have performed vaginal penetration. Now, you can attempt to buy anal vibrator, which permits to commit anal sex. Don't shy away but be keen to try those things that you have not tried before.

Libido enhancers – You can include natural libido enhancers that heighten the sensations during sex. Sensitive creams and gels work well just like the sensation escalating lubricants.

Try new sex positions and locations – Don't mistake to include many sex positions in your life, but pick two or three positions that offer both of you new sensation. Further, work on them and master it. After practice, you can make some changes as well as successfully bring heat to make both of you feel incredible. You can also change your locations including kitchen, balcony, laundry room, and more other interesting places.

Understand your top priority

Give sexual intercourse a top preference in your married life. Increase the occurrence of encounters, which increases the release of desire hormones in the brain. Love and respect for one another is the actual foundation for the above tips to work effectively.

Prepare Your Room

When you plan to get a girl to your apartment for sex, make sure the place is presentable. Girls are definitely more systematic and so staying prepared helps. If you are planning to go out on a date with a girl with whom you want to have sex, make sure you have some plan in mind. You definitely do not want to turn it down just because you do not have a perfect place to take her. Do a little preparation like buy condoms, arrange some candles, music and most importantly clean the entire room. No girl will like to have sex in the middle of a messy room.

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