Top Seven Fantasies In Her Life

Not just males, but women are experts in dreaming the sauciest of fantasies. They break all the traditional limits. Several women hope that their guy will help in putting their sex fantasies into practice. Some interesting scoops about women's daydreams are least expected.

  • Dominance – Females find a tall, strong man sweeping and carrying them, but you might be surprised that they fancy having that same sturdy man pleading for sexual discharge in the bedroom. This entire scene will rotate around her. You will have to adore her body and beg for her attention. She just enjoys all the dedication from you in this process.
  • Rough sex – It is a fact that modern, independent woman prefers genuine male, who are brave to hold their testosterone. She dreams about you confining her down and shoving her feet apart. She desires to feel you drag her head back by snaking your fingers in her hair. Roughing it up with biting involved is her wish, which will be returned back equally.
  • Force fantasy – She visions to be sexually ravaged. You must have seen in spicy hot movies that a man pushes a female against the wall and forces a kiss. The idea of a man bursting with too much lust is an unquestionable turn on for several females.
  • Rape fantasy – She craves for untamed and dirty sex, where she is carried off quickly into her bedroom and the male getting along with business instantly. She grumbles as the clothes are torn off and skillfully stimulates her body. She just shows protest, but on the inner side she totally enjoys every minute of the performance.
  • Threesome with 2 males – Every females love to be adored by two good-looking males. Her fantasy might be being entered by one man and oral sex performed by the other. Female imagination cannot be evaluated that is why it offers more fun.

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  • Sex tape– She may not agree, if you discuss the topic of making a sex tape, but has possibly dreamt precisely the same. The fact is that several women are self-conscious because making a sex film and then reviewing her body wobbling up and down may make her feel uneasy. There are bold women also, who desire to have her sexual scenarios viewed by public.
  • Quickie sex in public – Sometimes she feels adventurous and indulges in sexy play. The fear of getting caught elevates her endorphins as she has you cornered in an elevator or the park.

Fantasies play an important role in your sexual life. First, they fuel arousal and thoughts that can generate actual physical changes in the body and you can take advantage of it. This is the main reason that people dream, while they have real sex.

The added juice from fantasy increases stimulation, when physical sensations are not adequate to get you, where you desire to go. So, enjoy your dreams without any fear. Bring them up to heat things in your bedroom. Bear in mind that there is a lot of difference between reality and fantasy. Sharing your fantasy is perfectly a normal desire.

Try Something Different

It is rightly said that variety is the spice of life and sex life is no different. If you do not keep on trying something new, having sex will seem just like a routine and no fun. Most people describe the best sex of their life in a single term “different”. For a woman, the meaning of different is when you do something special for her. This is not a rocket science, so you need not to worry. Start with simple things like trying new positions, incorporating a sex toy, asking her to role-play with you, discuss her fantasies and try to do things accordingly. In spite of being simple and easy to do, these things might have a lasting effect on your sex life.

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