Top Seven Popular Sex Locations besides Bedroom

Having sex outside your bedroom can actually add zeal to your sexual life. You have the tool, so utilize these tips to work out an extreme and innovative intimacy. Below are some hot sexual spots besides your bedroom that are popular.

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  1. Bathroom - Under a shower, you can take turns in lathering one another. Get hot with the strokes and kisses. Let her sit on the counter or press her against the wall of the bathroom. The hottest action in the bathroom is the large mirrors that let you watch the act. A hot bathtub offers a quivering jet flowing action, which will make both of you lose yourselves and create tub-full of memories.
  1. Car – Stop the car at some remote area and kiss her softly from the driver's seat. Gently inch your hand over her thigh. You can kiss her and caress her for a long time or guide her to the back seat to conclude the scenario. However, the backseat has hardly any leg space, therefore push the back seat and allow her to ride you. Make certain to wear loose clothes or this whole idea of enjoyment will become a big flop.
  1. Beach – Beach has certain flair. Get ready for the night. Take a wine bottle, munchies, blankets, lubricant, and a sheet for the sandy performance. Don't jump on her as soon as you get there, just chill out and as the evening makes progress, the backdrop will surely boost her mood. Remember to lay the blanket, before you go down on her. Even cover yourself with the blanket and do your work.
  1. Woods – Take your woman for a picnic in the wood. It is a comfortable spot because there are no witnesses around for miles. However, sex in the forest needs insect repellant spray to ward off the bugs. Other risk is to be careful about poisonous ivy. You can carry sleeping bags, which will be very helpful or have sex on the car bonnet in the woods under the sky.
  1. Kitchen – Comfort her on the edge of the kitchen table and stand in front of her. Her feet will rest behind your butt or on your hips. The solid surface helps to you to slowly penetrate into her. You can even surprise her, when she is washing the dishes and position her over the sink edge. Enjoying a sexy food clash parking in front of the refrigerator, with open door will give you a heavenly feeling.
  1. Balcony – If your balcony is enclosed then lay out some blankets and enjoy fresh air together. The lady leans against the balcony and you can position yourself just behind her and thrust her, while enjoying the view.
  1. Hotel – Prepare the hotel room in advance with scented candles, oils, balloons or flowers. The advantage of a hotel room is that you can get nasty the whole night and no need to clean the mess next morning. You can factually spill out candle wax all around and soak the carpet or the bed.

Dirty Talk

Dirty talking works on most of the females. Men generally keep off the idea of talking dirty to their woman thinking it might seem inappropriate. Well, the question of dirty talk being inappropriate rises only when your girl does not enjoy it. Girls are sensual and they react very fast when verbally seduced. Try asking her simple things and see how she reacts. For sure, you don't have to involve any abusive words, but just try by asking her “Do you like when I go down there...?” So, it is really simple and the best part is that it works. Always remember, dirty talks are a big turn on in bed.

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