Use Top Bedroom Food For Fun And Frolic

Food is a sensual experience and can truly spice things in your bedroom. Adding food in the foreplay may be tricky and messy but with mutual consent you can experiment it once for memories.

Fun and frisky food stuff that can be used in the bedroom are:

Chocolate body paint

Chocolates are healthy not just for the body but for brain also. It contains chemical substances caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, and anandamide that stimulate the brain. When chocolate is eaten serotonin and endorphins gets released that helps to stabilize the mood and boosts the brain energy giving you a feeling of ecstasy. Chocolates are exchanged on Valentines Day by romantic couples, because it is regarded as a true aphrodisiac.

Celebrating special occasions with chocolates and sex can be a mind blowing experience. Get creative and frisky with a jar and brush of delicious chocolate body paint and create an art you can enjoy eating. Melting the luxurious chocolate fondue specially made for the body and applying it for frisky sexual foreplay can offer your life's potent combination of food and sex.

It does not harden and turn into a crispy mess, just paint on her erogenous zones and lick it off. As she loves chocolates, she can return this favor and devour your chocolate covered membrane.

Suck the sticky and sweet honey

Honey is easy to drizzle but licking it off takes little work. Squeeze the bottle and create a pathway especially on the sensitive spots, then sensually and slowly suck and lick it all away. The fact is that this can be messy and tricky to clean the messy bed-sheets afterwards, so attempt this only if your partner agrees to it.

Juicy and fruity sex

Fruits can also be included in as bedroom food. Juicy fruits like strawberries, raspberries can be run across her breasts, lips and stomach. If you fancy orange or kiwi then remove the skin then cut it into pieces and rub them over the sweet spots. Retrace these lines sensuously using your tongue licking the juice. It is a delicious tidbit for the taste buds and simultaneously teasing her body.

Icy cool

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Oral sex can be performed with ice cube in the mouth, which can bring explosive results. With the ice cube in the mouth, allow cool and chilled water to drip on her warm genitals. The cool temperature will surely heat things up!

Chilled champagne bubbles

The sensation of chill bubbles on your skin is extremely arousing and tasty. Sharing open mouth champagne kisses is sure to excite and tickle her senses. Even try drizzling small quantity of chilled champagne on one another's warm skin and let the bubbly studs torture the breast, nipples, stomach, back or thighs. Then lick every luscious drop with your warm tongue.

Rules that can be helpful in making things go smoothly in your bedroom.

  • Avoid the food going inside her vagina or near the head of your penis. It may root yeast infection or irritation.
  • Stay away from spicy food because burning genitals are not a good recipe.
  • Steer clear from food you are allergic to. You do not want to suffer from rashes or swelling.
  • After sex enjoy a shower together for washing away the food residue. Never sleep with food on your body.

Sex Tools

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