Valentine Day Special Sex Ideas

Valentine day is an ideal time to revive your sexual life and you can use this opportunity to pave a path for experiencing amazing sex life all the year round. If you desire to impress your partner then start gratifying her with these sensual ideas and make your valentine day unusual.

Warm bath – Prolong foreplay can warm her up and make her feel exceptional and she can get turned on ultimately as well as ask for penetration. Kiss, touch, tease, bite, and lick all night long. It can then be followed with a hot bath.

The bathtub must be filled with aromatic oils and rose petals that will surely help her to get relaxed and prepare her body for the blissful moment. To make the environment more enchanting turn on some sensuous music, dim the lights and use aromatic candles.

Feed Her – Our psychological requirements need to be pleased first. So merge food and sex together for maximum pleasure. On valentine day include giving gifts like box of chocolates, basket of strawberries or even prepare a dinner and invite her. Make her feel extraordinary. You can melt chocolate on her body and have a session of prolong foreplay by licking it off.

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Change of location – You can get wild in public or safe places like a hotel room. On valentine day rent a room in the restaurant near your house and fill it with red balloons. Put a red rose on the pillow and have two glasses and champagne on ice ready. Appear to be spontaneous and take her to this hotel room, after having the dinner. She will be excited and will never forget this incredible celebration gift from you.

Be commanding – Women do not desire just good looks, but a confident male too. Secretly, they fancy to be dominated in bed by alpha male. Send her a cute valentine day text of some sexy imaginations. It can be like, ‘I desire to see you in that pretty strapless purple dress, you look very sexy. Make sure you get freshly waxed, since you are not going to wear anything underneath for dinner'.

The next text can be still commanding like, ‘If you wear lingerie, I will be disappointed and rip them off in public. Meet you at nine.' The night will be extremely scorching with these texts.

Surprise her – Plan something surprising for her. Wake up early and steal her car keys. Fill her car trunk with a picnic basket (chocolates, fruit, wine and cheese) and blanket. Put the keys back quietly and go back to bed. Wake up in the morning and act as if nothing is planned for the special day. She may seem disappointed, but casually suggest going for a long drive in her car.

Take her to a beach or near the waterfalls and while standing there looking at the water just say, ‘This is so beautiful, wish there was a blanket to sit on'. She would also agree, but she knows that she does not have a blanket in her car. Then you just say, ‘Come let us check, if there is something to sit on'. She accompanies you but you stay behind and make her check the trunk. She will just shout happily and then the romantic surprise picnic will be a mind-blowing experience.

Sex Fantasies

Who does not have sex fantasies? However, if your girl is not that broadminded to accept and pretend to be someone she is not while having sex then there are different ways too. Simply ask her to dress up differently for a special night or you can ask her to do things, which you like, but of course don't discuss as to why you like them. Give her some time in this game and you will discover she can get kinky too. Once she opens up, convince her to play your favourite role and do the same for her too. Nothing works better than fantasies when it comes to spicing up the bedroom life.

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