Ways To Find The Sensitive G-Spot

In the past, clitoris was only regarded as a trigger for female orgasm but around 1980, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg discovered an even more mystifying pleasure point hidden inside the vagina. It became popular as the G-spot. The ‘G' stands for its founder Grafenberg. On stimulation, the spot generates a potent female orgasm, whereas in several women, it also helps women to ejaculate, informally known as ‘squirting'.

What is the G-spot?

It is a spongy bean-shaped tissue and is similar to the prostate gland in men. The actual area is small and feels rough to touch in comparison to the surrounding tissue. It is an erectile tissue that swells up on effective stimulus, as the blood rushes towards it. It is situated an inch or two on the anterior wall of your vagina on the belly button side.

Ways to locate the G-spot

Manual tapping

This spot is easily located if the lady gets sexually aroused, so do not shift away from your foreplay. Insert your lubricated long middle or index finger inside her vagina, when she faces you in a lying position. Next crook the finger outwards in a ‘come here' action then move around till you feel a rough area. Touching this slightly ridged region will often cause your woman to respond with surprise and experience joy.

The best way is to firmly tap the region or walk around with your bent finger. If she does not respond then do not shy away just ask, if she feels responsive, when you finger the area thinking it to be the G-spot. A reasonable amount of force will have to be applied for tracing the G-spot as it is unseen and lies within the vaginal wall.

At times, it is helpful to massage the skin lightly in the region, where the crooked finger touches with the other hand. The massaging will intensify the touching effect.

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Difference in sensitivity

Remember that G-spot sensitivity is not experienced by every woman. They differ, so do not get disheartened, if you do not get any response. Several women are able to get multiple orgasms with constant stimulation of this spot, while some do not feel it and some may even experience uneasiness from G-spot stimulation. Though, every woman will be pleased with the effort and attention. Nevertheless, you may even discover other responsive areas inside her vagina that she enjoys more.

Incorporate sex toys

Several males find it easy to provoke the G-spot using various toys. The curved and hard vibrator dildos are suitable. Start slow and allow her to lead you on speed. The devices are uncomplicated and specially designed to influence this spot.

Various positions

Several women like penile stimulation of G-spot, during intercourse. Hence, if your penis is naturally bent upward then you have it. Other males have to set positions to maximize their penis contact with the vaginal front wall. Doggy style and woman on top position is the best for getting utmost contact. In the missionary position, the only means to locate the G-spot is to put pillows under the hips and prop her up.

Now, that you are familiar with this mysterious zone, you can delight your lady easily, however make certain that she is comfortable and enjoys the journey.

Experiment With Sex Positions

Trying out different sex positions definitely helps in spicing up things between you and your partner. Besides, did you know you could experiment a little with those positions too? If you are not much into trying and experimenting, you can at least check out different positions. For instance, there are positions, which allow you to kiss her passionately even while penetrating. Certain sex positions also allow you to have the perfect oral. So, depending on what you both like doing the most, you can select your sex position. Moreover, you are always free to bring in a little change in the designed position as per your convenience and preference.

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