Ways To Make Hotel Sex Fantasies Work

The sexual sessions that triggered during the start of your relationship, is totally different experience altogether. The beginning of intimacy is always spontaneous, intense, thrilling, and frequent. The need to explore each other was voracious and passionate. As time passes, long tern relationship tends to lose this excitement. Couples experience a change in their libido as sex becomes a routine and monotonous.

You feel comfortable with each other, but gradually the excitement diminishes. Before, you recognize it, days, weeks and months passes by without you having sex at all. Unfortunately, boring sex life turns out to be the reason for extreme depression and misery. According to experts, it is time to discover the exotic ways to kick start your sex life.

Hotel sex is sizzling and exciting. You can just head to a hotel nearby you and fulfill your juicy fanaticizes.

Vulgar sex fantasy

Book a comfortable room in the motel or hotel and comfort yourself, before proceeding ahead. Ensure that the hotel is safe and clean. You can make arrangements of the following facts -

Your girl will dress up a bit more provocatively, so she appears sexy and appealing. The dress should match the occasion for a genuine feel.

The room needs to be booked at day-time. However, make it a point that both of you arrive separately.

Once you are inside the room, you can indulge into different sex positions that will fulfill all your desires. You can opt for wild sex, and excite her. Doggie style is one of the best positions that will satisfy both of you.

Honeymoon sex

Your great honeymoon sex experience can be re-created. You can book a suite in the same hotel, if possible or on a luxurious resort in your town.

  • Book a room that has a Jacuzzi for a bubbly bath.
  • Order champagne bottle and strawberries. Have the champagne bottle chilled in the silvery ice bucket.
  • Remember to indulge into foreplay. Pretend that you are on your honeymoon or enjoying sex for the first time with her. Enjoy every caress and every sensation that happens when you are physically close to her.

Business meeting sex

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Plan a night, so you are not interrupted or have to cancel it. You can rebuild this kind of intense sex with her.

  • Your girl can arrive later or after a dirty message or naughty call.
  • Draw the curtains as if you are afraid that someone may catch you having an affair.

Hotel maid sex

You can explore this maid sex fantasy, which will need a maid costume to get the feel of the situation.

  • After checking in the room and call your girl for maid service. Make sure you have discussed this scene with her or she may feel offended.
  • She knocks on the door and says, ‘housekeeping'.
  • Play your maid sex dreams together.
  • You can allow her to leave the room and go home alone. This will give her some time to recap on the thrilling experience she had. Later, you can snuggle her in bed and appreciate her by kissing her and say, ‘I love you'.

Doing it elsewhere makes it much better then the regular sex at home. Trigger the room by harnessing these fantasies, your girl is sure to get in the mood and respond.

French Kissing

A kiss is not just a physical gesture to explain that you are aroused or it is a tool, which can be used to arouse your partner. For a girl, a kiss is something that tells her thousands of things about you. Whenever you are making out with her, make sure you kiss her several times. In fact, for that matter, kiss her whenever you can. You do not need to kiss her only if it is leading you two towards having sex. A passionate kiss will explain her how bad and hard you want her. This need of yours will make her feel special as well as aroused.

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