Ways To Re-Create Vacation Sex At Home

Vacation has positive impact on a couple's sexual life. When on a holiday, you are away from everyday routine and can enjoy the company of your girl in a better way. Away from kids homework, cooking, cleaning, and paying bills keeps you extremely busy. Spend considerable time with each other and explore each other's fantasy. It does not matter, if you cannot afford to escape on a vacation, but fortunately you can re-create a vacation environment at home.

Tidy your house

You book a resort or hotel room for vacation for a simple reason that they are spacious, clean, and attractive. When you step in the clean hotel room you get relaxed, which triggers your mood for the great performance later on. At home, your erotic foreplay can be interrupted, when one of your step on your kids toys or if you have some unwanted guest at the door.

Take a day off from your work and re-create a perfect ambiance in your house. Clean the bedroom and the house and cook food for her. She will be surprised to view a neat and tidy house that just smells good. She is glad that, she does not have to do it and will be in the game to almost anything.

Change sheets and towels

Hotel sex is great because the bed has clean sheets and it that smell fresh. Even the towels to be used after an intimate bath must be properly placed in its section. A woman gets erotic, when she enters into the bedroom that is beautifully decorated.

Eat first

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Dressing up and going out for a romantic dinner, is not right thing to do. Cooking and cleaning the kitchen mess, can be a hectic job. Therefore, order food in. No one goes out to eat after planning a vacation sex at home.

Food plays a big sensual role in the seducing her, as you can have many fun games with it. You can then enjoy it slowly with your desired drink. These are some things that will make your vacation a great experience. You can try new sexual positions and excite her by stimulating her. Order something exciting at home and you can re-create the sexual wonders.

Serve champagne

On the vacation tour, you can make use of room service, which is not available at home. You can have a champagne bottle ready in the ice-bucket. However, looking at your girl wearing a fluffy negligee, you will have fun in opening the champagne bottle. Serving strawberries or chocolates will add more fun to your game.

Exotic bubble-bath

Hotel sex always includes a bubble bath, which might not be possible at home. The reason is that you may have a small bath tub, so tonight just fill it with warm water. Throw rose petals in it bring champagne bottle over, dim the lights as well as play some soft music. Just enjoy sensuous bubble bath with her.

Magic date

All the above things sound familiar like a regular date night. The fact is that many couples go on a date perhaps after six months or on a vacation so as to unload themselves from the workload and refresh their minds. This situation works magic for them. It is a magic date!

Eye Contact

Men can never imagine how important it is to maintain eye contact with a woman while having sex. Maintaining eye contact with her will help her relax even better. Well, every woman, whether she admits or not, fears if the guy she is having sex with is thinking of another woman. If you maintain eye contact with her, she feels that she is the only one on your mind in that very moment. Also, this makes her feel you are not using her for your pleasure, but you are really into her. So, for your lady's relaxation and pleasure make sure you maintain a good eye contact with her.

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