Weird And Bizarre Sexy Stuff

Some weird stuff regarding sex and penis just for entertainment:

  • On 17th June 2007, Steven Marshall, a teenager of Galashiels, Woodstock Avenue ended up lying back on the pavement simulating sexual intercourse. He had drunk half a bottle of vodka and created a sex scene in front of a lady taxi-driver and passers-by. He was put on the list of sex offenders as he was on medication for arthritis.
  • An electrician named Karl Watkins was jailed in 1993 for having fake sex with the pavement or asphalt road in Redditch Worcs.
  • Robert Stewart is the first person to be convicted of sexual offense with an inanimate object that is a bike. On October 2006, he was caught in his room at Ayr, in Southwest Scotland.
  • Two cleaners of Aberley House Hostel knocked the door, but nobody opened it. So they opened the door using the master key. They were surprised to see Mr. Stewart wearing a T-shirt, but naked from the waist holding a bicycle and moving his hips backward and forward, as if to imitate sex.
  • In Bellevue town, Ohio a man was caught in broad daylight having sex with a metal picnic table. Unfortunately, his neighbor filmed him having sex using the hole, where the sun umbrella generally sits and he was charged of public indecency.
  • Fence, pasta jars, lamp post, vacuum cleaner, helicopters or cars are all inanimate objects. The use of this to create sex displays the weird side of people.
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  • Autopederasty is nearly an impossible sex act, which involves sticking your own erect penis in your own anal region.
  • Autofellatio means an act of taking your own penis into your mouth and committing a relationship with oneself. Few men can do it because they possess sufficient penis length and flexibility of performing the front bend.
  • Autocunnilingus is sex that is performed by a female on herself. It is a form of masturbation.
  • In spite of severe medical treatment, a 34 year male had to have his legs above his knees amputated and his penis fell apart by itself. He had sporadically infused cocaine into his penis, just before having an intercourse to enhance his sexual performance. Later, he was admitted in the New York Hospital because he could not urinate and the pain was unbearable, as his penis had remained erect for 3 days.
  • A 54-year old man called Stuart Keen from Wantage, England was a professional carpenter. He was working on a big wooden cabinet, when the saw fell and sliced his penis. Fingers are lost but loss of penis is truly surprising? Was he nude?
  • In 1980 at Osaka in Japan the first coffee shop was opened. It was called, ‘No Paan Kissa' that appeared like a normal coffee joint, but the floors were all mirrored. No Paan means wearing no panty for waitresses and Kissa means coffee shop. Customers ordered snacks and drinks as well as got to peek at the naked zone under the skirts. Touching was not allowed.
  • Nyotaimori is referred as ‘body sushi'. It is eating sushi served on a naked female body. Nantaimori refers to this similar practice using male model. Before turning into a live sushi serving dish the person has to get training on lying down without moving for hours. She/he must be capable to withstand cold food for a long time.


Fingering is one of the most important parts of foreplay. If you think you are just perfect at sex and hardly need to finger your partner then you are completely wrong. Touching her sensitive areas using your fingers will just drive her crazy. For instance, during foreplay using your fingers, you can rub her lips hard, slowly roll down your finger over her neck and reach her breast. Move your fingers gently around her nipple areas and finally tease her a little by pinching her softly. Tickling her a little on her stomach will also excite her more. So, if we talk about fingering, there is much more to do apart from clitoris and g-spot stimulation.

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