What's Your Opinion Regarding Contraception

An immature schoolboy Alfie, who is barely four feet tall and just over twelve years, were displayed on ‘The Sun' parenting his daughter Maisie as well as the mother of the baby. Chantelle Stedman aged 15 years conceived the baby after the night of having unprotected sex.

Unintended pregnancies cause a foremost challenge to the procreation biological process in adolescents of developing countries. Several women with unplanned pregnancies seek abortion that is undertaken in unsafe conditions, whereas some pregnancies incur the perils of depression and death.

Therefore, the application of birth control methods needs to be revised, as it can help in preventing the undesired pregnancy and risky abortion.

Condoms – It is a widely used method because it is cheap, available easily and extremely effective, when applied properly. A male condom is approximately 98% effective. It shows that only 2 women out of 100 are exposed to pregnancy. The figures recorded for condom failure in real life trial varied from 0.5% to 6.7% due to breakage and 0.1% to 16.6% for slippage.

This percentage can be nullified, if condoms are put on properly, used regularly and making certain that the condom has not expired. In addition, the proper use of condoms can prevent the spread of STD's. Bear in mind that this is the only method that can avoid STD's.

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Vasectomy or tube ligation – For a vasectomy procedure in male the tubes that hold the sperms are blocked and hence, the sperms cannot enter the semen. Vasectomy is cent percent effective, but safety measures must be applied for about three months because sperms remain for some time beyond those closed tubes.

In tube ligation, the female's Fallopian tubes are blocked. Both procedures can be reversed, but it is tricky. These alternatives are to be considered by those couples, who already have children and do not desire to add more.

Contraceptive pills – Birth control pills are 99% effective, if the pills are taken regularly. It does not obstruct, while you have sex and it even makes you feel more spontaneous. Mostly, contraceptive pills are safe but certain conditions elevate the risks of side effects. Talk with your doctor to decide on which pills to use safely. Contraceptive drugs are not good for females suffering from breast cancer, blood clotting issues or prolonged bed rest.

Withdrawal – It is the world's oldest method of birth control. Couples, who have immense willpower, confidence and experience, can use the pullout method effectively. Males must be conscious, when they reach the peak to withdraw or delay their ejaculation. If this moment is not predicted appropriately, withdrawal will be ineffective.

Unfortunately, even if you withdraw, the chances of pregnancy are high because pre-cum can be picked up that lingers in the urethra due to the previous ejaculation can root pregnancy. However, if you urinate between ejaculations before having sex then the urethra can get cleared from the remains of the sperms.

Natural birth control – You can control birth based on the natural phase of the menstrual cycle. You will have to recognize the least fertile period in your women's cycle and enjoy sex. Its effectiveness ranges from 76% to 98% but it depends on the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

Oral Sex

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