Why She Discontinued The Desire For Sex?

You have been with her (wife or girlfriend) for a while and have spent great moments together but lately she is shying away from you. Everything was going smoothly, but suddenly she seems to recoil. You tried everything to please her sexually but nothing works. In fact, she does not have any medical condition that shows that your relationship is in troubled waters.

Here are some major reasons to understand why females stop having a libido.

She is annoyed with you

Many females cannot be close with a male they are mad at. Unfortunately, many girls bottle up their anger instead of letting you know about the wrong that has disturbed her. It denotes that your girl may be annoyed with you, but you maybe clueless that you have done something incorrect.

Therefore talk to her calmly to find out what has upset her. You will need to request her again and again. Persuade her to be frank and probably she may get the troubling issue off her chest. Ultimately both of you can have an explosive make-up sex.

She is under stress

Your woman is stressed due to looking after the children, family, office work, cooking, cleaning, friends and many other responsibilities. It is a marvelous thing that she is still around. The obligations have reduced her sexual desire. You can help her out with some household chores. Tell her to relax and give her a wine glass as you do the dishes. She is sure to feel esteemed and pampered. Consequently, this feeling will be rewarded in the bedroom.

She hates sex

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She may have gone through a bad experience long-ago that has made her hate sex or maybe she actually does not enjoy sex. She manipulated you into having sex. She is that type of lady, who uses sex as bait to catch men and does not take pleasure in the lovemaking sessions.

Communicate and explain to her how marvelous the experience is. If she frankly says that she does not find it great then you have to decide, how much important is sex to you.

She feels unattractive

Low libido may be due to feeling unsexy. She may have put on weight or maybe someone snubbed her or you may have commented something accidentally that made her conscious about her looks. Women are emotional creatures and are very sensitive about their body image.

She will deny in displaying her wobbly body. You will have to encourage and pamper her by offering a body massage and paying her genuine compliment that will make her feel confident. However, you will have to give her some time.

She finds libido boring

Sex has become a dull and monotonous expedition for her. So, add spice to your sexual life by changing locations, using sex toys or including chocolates and strawberries. Have some role play act or if you are feeling bold surprise her with a quickie. Plan something mad to enhance her sex drive.

Be frank

There may be various reasons for her negative response to participate in sex with you, but the above are most common. Sometimes frank communication can solve the issue but for some the end of sex indicates end of the relationship.

Cuddling Adds Romance After A Session Of “Animal” Sex

Men can find all the satisfaction that they need in that one great orgasm. However, this is not the case with women. Apart from physical satisfaction that is achieved after the orgasm, she needs emotional satisfaction too. The best way in which you can satisfy your lady emotionally is by showing some love after sex. Cuddle a little and make her feel very special. You can also try whispering things like “it was great”, “you were just amazing” and “I really felt great when you.....”, and you can go on and on. This might sound strange but for a girl after sex cuddling is also a part of lovemaking. So, you better do it if you want more from her.

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