Why Sex Is Good For Health Purposes

With the passage of time, it is quite possible that one of the partners or rather both of them get sexually detached from each other. She just doesn't want to upset you by saying no to you, whenever you step forth with the proposal. Others end up giving health reasons, like headache and body ache, so as to not to indulge into intimacy. When these excuses become quite frequent, then it might be an indication that she has something else in her mind.

Sex is a Remedy to your Pains:

Couples who indulge a lot into sexual activities are healthier, when compared to others. As responsibilities pile up, your desires for intimacy becomes the least preferred option. Such a feeling is quite normal, but you shouldn't make it a habit. Intercourse acts like a painkiller to many of issues and keeps you active. Release of hormones is good and it is known as pleasure generators.

Endorphins and oxytocin are different types of orgasm. Your will be surprised to know that they both are the best painkillers. It is because of endorphins, one feels sleepy. It is also known to have sedative effect and is known to have the natural analogues of morphine. Oxytocin on the other hand, is a wonderful chemical and creates special bonding between partners. It can increase the pain thresholds, up to a maximum of 115 percent. So get sexually involved with her and lead a healthy and active life.

Sexual Activities Reduces Prostate Cancer:

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Ejaculation and prostate cancer are very much related to each other. This prostate stores and produces ejaculate fluid. If this fluid is stored in for a long time, without flushing, then it can create a serious health related issues. The stagnation of this fluid creates dysfunction of the prostate, which can pose serious health problem.

This fluid can be emptied through ejaculation. Which means, that you need to indulge a lot into sexual activities. What can be more exciting rather than spending considerable time with your partner? She will definitely help you in ejaculating and enjoy a pleasurable intimacy.

A regular massage will empty the prostate. In this way, it creates space for generation of new fluids, which keeps you healthy. You can insist your partner to empty your bowl externally through perineum. It can be done internally as well with the help of your finger.

Intercourse for Controlling Depression:

Sex is not only for fun, but is the best way to exercise your body and mind. It helps in controlling mood swing, which needs to be controlled over a period of time. It has been noted that exercises reduces the percentage of Cortisol, which causes depression and increases stress level. It acts as a natural way to control your mental problems that can impact your personal and professional life.

Sexual intercourse with your partner can help you to easily overpower the feel of loneliness. Whenever you have sex with your partner, you might have noticed that the anxiety of your mind and body calms down. You feel all more relaxed and excited as well.

Lose The Idealism

To enjoy sex completely do it the way you and your partner will like it and not the way people say it should be done. Remember, the moment you lay ground rules for sex, it will seem boring and no fun at all. If your partner is comfortable in trying everything that you have on your mind just do it. If whatever you are doing is safe for both of you, you need not worry. Spice up your sex life by trying new sex positions and doing things that might blow your minds off. Sex is about enjoyment and pleasure so keep it that way.

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