5 Interesting Tantric Steps For Enjoying Intimacy

You can get connected to your partner emotionally and mentally through tantric sex. You can directly concentrate on the techniques to reach orgasm faster. Such lovemaking act focuses on emotional and physical closeness with your partner. It teaches you to stimulate her sensitive areas and make the whole act more memorable and pleasurable.

Following are the Steps that will enhance your Sexual Performance:

Secure your Space – Bedroom is one of those places where you wouldn't mind reading newspaper, enjoy your morning tea, and sometimes finish your remaining office work. It is a common routine that is seen in many bedrooms. It is a private room, where you relax your mind and get rid of the stress. Thus, it is important to maintain the sanity, or else you will never be sexually aroused.

It is very important to get connected to your partner, as it will then not be much of a struggle to excite her. In fact, if all your belongings are scattered everywhere in the room, then it will most definitely spoil the mood to get into the act with your girl. As and when required change the sheets of your bed, and colorfully drape the windows. This will help you in keeping your mood high and you will be equally excited to be close to her always.

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Tune in with her – Dance is the best therapy for relaxing your mind and body. So why not invite her for sensual dance with you. It will bring in a sense of eroticism between both of you. Her body close to you will generate new energy in you. Enlighten her with soft music and if you are dancing with her in your room, then light scented candles all around. This will make the whole atmosphere romantic and peaceful.

Breathe Together – It is very important that you both breathe together, as it is considered to be an important aspect of togetherness. Make it a habit that you breathe with her during foreplay and lovemaking. This will increase your stamina and will motivate you to perform better. You can practice this while kissing and cuddling her. You can practice Tantric sex, which teaches you to increase your sexual stamina.

Various Sex Position – There are different sex positions that will enhance your sexual relationship. Sitting position is one of the most popular techniques that are loved by many couples. Allow your partner to sit on your lap comfortably. You could penetrate her vagina with ease. Hold her by hips and encourage her to move erotically up and down. Gradually increase the speed and make sure that both of you are enjoying the act. When the pleasure is on its threshold, you can stop gently and kiss her passionately. This will give you enough time to relax you.

Be Slow – There is no point rushing into the act or to reach orgasm. Instead, spend considerable time in exploring each other's body during the foreplay, and in various sensual activities. Make slow movements, as it will give you enough time to explore each other's fantasy and encourage you to enter deep into her.

Try New Things

Trying new things have always worked for most of the couples. You and your partner can vow to try new things. This act sounds new too, isn't it? Well, make sure you do something or the other which you or your partner has never done before. There are lots and many things that you can do to bring a difference in your sex life. Use sex toys, surprise her by dressing up, give each other an erotic massage, and go for a round of oral sex one entire night and much more. Even if it is as simple as just talking dirty, while having sex or as challenging as trying every damn sex position, just make sure you do it.

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