Learn The Facts And Myths About Female Orgasm

Just like many facts and myths related to men and their ejaculation, there are quite a few related to female orgasm too. Some of the facts are quite interesting and informative as well. Not many women know about their orgasm and tend to assume everything to be a fact. Many a times, they are unable to differentiate between the right and the wrong thing.

Your partner needs to have an orgasm, so as to enjoy a satisfactory sexual life. With no knowledge you will not be able to satisfy her completely. Unlike men, women have different sexual requirements and want their partner to completely take care of it. You can easily satisfy her, even if she doesn't reach her orgasm.

The body of women is complicated and she gets emotionally satisfied by passionately kissing and cuddling her. This is definitely not the case with men, who does not need any extra stimulation to get completely satisfied. For her sex is a combination of emotional and physical satisfaction. You can sometimes stimulate her, without much effort. Many of the women actually don't know the concept of orgasm and thus don't bother much about it.

Irrespective of whether she has complete knowledge about orgasm, she secretly craves to experience it at least once. She might not talk to you about this topic, may be because she doesn't want to let you down. However, make an effort and discuss in detail about it. In this way you will understand what her expectations are and act accordingly.

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If required support her mentally and physically. You never know such an act might get you close to each other and increase your sexual desire. When compared to clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasms are more satisfactory. Through oral sex you can easily satisfy your partner and help her reach orgasm. In reality, both the type of climaxes is mandatory and required to lead a satisfactory intimacy.

Vaginal orgasms are much preferred because it doesn't happen quite often. More than 30 percent of women don't actually experience orgasms at all. If that is the case with your partner, then it will be a smart move to talk to her. Rather than thinking about only yourself in bed, you can spend more time with her and arouse her.

Many men do not know how to locate the G-spot, thus they don't make sex sound quite interesting as it should be. When compared to men, women can reach orgasm 2 times. You need to learn the art of helping her to achieve the same. Earlier no one knew about the G-spot, but now scientists have confirmed it.

You need to stimulate this part erotically and view her scream with ecstasy and excitement. For some, stimulating this zone can be quite painful, and thus don't prefer to indulge in it. To begin with you can ask her if she prefers you to play with it. In case, she doesn't like it, then don't try it at all. It is quite important to respect her decision.

Give Them A Sexy Massage

An erotic massage just works fine for any one. Candles, oil or any sticky lotion and naked bodies are a perfect combination that leads to arousal and amazing sex. Try to make it as sexy as you can. Blind fold your partner and see how she reacts as you slowly undress her and later touch her naked body with your oily hands. Some erotic music is a really good idea to make the atmosphere more pleasant and sexy. You need not to learn any special tricks before giving a massage. Simply caress her entire body and of course, some oral will be just like a cherry on the cake.

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