Locate The Male G-Spot For Exciting Sexual Encounter

Just like women, men also have g-spot, which is stimulated during intercourse. Girls don't have to spend hours together so as to locate this spot. Rather it is quite simple and un-complicated. Well, this super sensitive part is located inside the anus and can be spotted when he is aroused. This part does matter a lot, when it comes to bedroom performance. It is quite important to stimulate this part so as to enjoy a long lasting and pleasurable sexual activity in your bedroom.

What exactly is Male G-Spot?

It is one of the important sex organs that get stimulated, which usually doesn't happen in the case of women. It contains prostrate glands, and sometimes causes serious medical issues in case of older men. Guys who are healthy and younger can get maximum satisfaction through this gland, which usually doesn't happen in case of older men.

This gland contains the semen that is quite important for reproduction. It is so sensitive that it gets stimulated even when it is slightly massaged. In fact, they can achieve orgasm, even when their partner holds it gently.

Finding the Male G-Spot

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You might be amused to know that you can easily find this spot without spending much time on it. This usually doesn't happen in the case of women. To begin with masturbate your partner and excite him, as it will automatically stimulate his g-spot. It is quite important that you control your pace, so as to have maximum enjoyment.

Ensure that your partner has trimmed their nails, or else it might hurt you, infecting this sensitive part. Before sexual encounter, empty your bowel as you will no issue during a lovemaking session. If possible take proper bath that will clean up your sensitive part. The other advantage of bathing is that it will relax your mind and body.

Warm yourself by lying on your back and comfortably spread your legs. Then gently massage the area, especially the area surrounding the anus. Massage it gently as it will stimulate your nerves and arouses you to have a joyful sexual life. Urethra and bladder are located nearby this gland. You can ask your partner to insert her finger into your anus and feel the rectal wall that is located near the penis.

Ask her to hold her fingers until she feels something like a walnut. Keep your finger in the same position, until the sphincter relaxes. Once it is relaxed you can start massaging it gently in the downward direction. Ask your partner to stop the act immediately, if you are uncomfortable. Performing this act might not be easy in the beginning, but gradually you will get used to it.

It creates different pressure, which is quite exciting. Do remember not to touch the genital as it might infect it, so wash your hands with soap. You can also use latex gloves as it will secure you from any sort of infection. Ask your partner to maintain maximum cleanliness, so you can enjoy the act completely.

Please Your Partner With More Oral Sex

Men or women, everyone loves oral. The idea of someone helping you relax by kissing and sucking your hot spots is arousing itself. Well, the technique is to do it just the way it should be done. Men generally start by licking her clitoris hard and strong. Well, it will be better if you start slow and stimulate her vulva with your fingers a little. Gradually, you can kiss her folds and finally find your way towards her clitoris. The touch of your warm and soft lips on her clitoris will definitely excite her a lot and once she is turned on, you are permitted to penetrate your fingers in her vagina. Make sure she is wet enough or you must apply some lube on your fingers.

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