And You Thought Sex Toys Are Only For Singles

It's quite an unusual, or you may say an awkward feeling, to think of introducing sex toys and accessories into your relationship. You have heard of those for long, but the only impression that you have as of now is that those are meant for single people.

To your surprise, couples too can have great fun out of these amazing stuffs. These can well enhance the foreplays, and furnish your love-making experience with more fun and pleasure. How? All you need is a little idea about using them.

A Masturbator Toy Isn't Really For Singles

Yes, singles do enjoy with masturbator toys a lot, but you too can use it for some special purposes.

Furnishing your partner with some oral pleasures can be one of the best things you can do to her during the love-making session. She loves it a lot, and it's really pleasurable for her. Now this gives sufficient reason as to why you too would enjoy pleasing her this way. However, there is an easy yet really effective way so that you too can have the pleasure of this moment.

How about a masturbator toy down there on you, this time? While you are attempting your best to please her, down there this toy will be doing its job of pleasing you. That makes this moment ecstatic not only for your girl, but for you too.

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The We-Vibe – A Must Try

There's a reason why it's called a ‘must try'. This newest couple's toy has been designed in a way taking care of both men and women in the bedroom. Soon it has become one of the favorites of most women, reason being, it works simultaneously on their g-spot and clitoris. What more a woman could expect from a sex toy, than such incredible sensations at a time?

Wow! It also allows you to penetrate your woman then. That's not the end of the list, as you too would get some good vibrations. Above all, such intense and effective stimulations would leave your woman with no other option than to just achieve an orgasm or two.

Light Bondages For Some New Experiences

Handcuffs, blindfolds, a paddle, dripping candles etc. can furnish your lovemaking experience with some new flavors of excitements and fun. S-experts have always been advising couples to try and experiment with new things in the bedroom, and of course bondages can be one of the best options for that.

One point to be concerned about in this context is that whether your woman is comfortable with these or not. Women might disagree to experiment in this sector. In such cases, all you need to do is to try your best to convince her. However, if she is really not up to it, you needn't compel her for the same. After all, you can only enjoy the pleasure of a love-making session when you both are comfortable enough.

By now, you might have got a clear idea as to why sex toys aren't meant only for singles. In case if you haven't, you just need to try those ones.

Lighting Is Everything

Most people use flowers and music to set a perfectly erotic atmosphere in the room. Well, one of the most important elements that set the right mood and atmosphere in the room is lights. Lights are everything. Bright and dark lights are never really going to work. Therefore, in order to make the room appear sexy, you have to use some nice shades and dim lights. Bedsides lamps are always handy and work fine in several situations. Above all, the best thing that you can use is candles, preferably scented ones. The way candles make your room elegant nothing else does. A bedroom full of candles and dim shades literally explains that some amazing sex is going to take place.

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