Don't Let The Size Of Your Manhood Impact Your Sexual Confidence

It is quite natural fact that all the men with small sized penis worry a lot about it. Well, there is nothing wrong in it, but you then lose focus on more important aspect of having pleasure while lovemaking. It is great that you want to give your partner mind-blowing orgasms, but don't merely concentrate on the size of your manhood.

Think of other ways to make her happy

There have been instances when men who have had normal size were still not able to excite their partner. This happens as they merely think of the size and nothing beyond it. Many assume that they can never satisfy their partners, because they have a smaller sized penis. Women prefer their partner to understand what they need, and satisfy accordingly.

Men with small sized penis have the same masculine dominance, as those with bigger size have. More than the size, they prefer their partner to have stronger girth. This will surely satisfy their sexual needs and they would certainly ask for more. You can perform things that will excite your partner's needs, and make her feel happy. With confidence and better performance, you can rock her in bed.

Respect her

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This doesn't mean that you have to force yourself on her, or have to be rude for the same. It is all about doing things is a manly manner. Instead of getting into the action directly, you can spend time playing with her G-spot. Satisfy her as much as she longs for, and when she is satisfied you can try something else.

You can allow her to ride you, so that she can satisfy her sexual needs. Women love men who are a bit submissive while in bed. Let her do everything that will turn her on, and then you both can climax together.

You can always giver her long-lasting orgasms regardless of the size of the penis you have. It depends upon what you do, and how to do it to excite her sexual needs. If you are not satisfied with the results, then don't get disheartened, instead you try something new. Many men merely think about the size of their penis, and don't care about the confidence that is required to perform better in bed.

It matters a lot, so don't ignore it at any point of time. Your partner might not say what she wants, but you can tactfully find out what her expectations are from you. You can learn the skills through which you can sexually please your partner, and make her beg for more.

These skills are not difficult or complicated. Learning them could make you the only man she wants in her life. Sexual confidence has to be regardless of the size of your manhood. Women love men who are confident and take complete control of the sexual performance.

Confidence cannot be boosted in one day. You need to know what you are good at, as this will help you in understanding your weakness. Start slow, but proceed steadily so that you can worry less about your penis, and satisfy her more through other ways.

Music – And Love – Is In The Air

All of us have some type of music player in our rooms. So, why not use it and create a perfectly sexy atmosphere. Try out a few tracks and finally you will understand which one arouses you and your partner the most. Go through a list of what she prefers and find out what are the common options. If you have very little time, dim lights and some music is all what you need to make the atmosphere of the room just right. Start by playing anything that shouts love is in the air and that will be all. You will see how your partner cherishes the memory of this particular lovemaking occasion for next several days.

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