Know What Your Partner Loves The Most In Bed

You love her a lot and there are so many things that you always think of doing for her on and off the bed. With the passage of time, you just stop thinking about those good things that had actually excited her. It is now, all about you and yourself. Though she doesn't let you know, but she still wants you to be a great lover in bed.

Read her sexual indications

She wants you to understand what you want during intimacy and do things accordingly. It means she wants to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of orgasm. If you haven't being thinking about it until now, then it's the right time to do it. You can make her wild and take care of her sexual needs.

Not many men make an attempt to understand their partner's sexual needs. Some women can easily achieve orgasm through fingering or intimacy. However, there are quite a few of them, who don't experience them at all, despite making all the attempts. If your partner is facing such issues, then tackle the issue quite smartly.

Every woman differs from each other

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If you are having sex with a woman for the first time, then there are chances that you might not understand her sexual needs. Only few of the men could actually satisfy their partner and ensure that they are happy with the act.

Women don't openly speak on such topics, and there is nothing wrong in it. With your love and support, she will surely let you know her issues, if there is any.

Sexual need of each woman differs and it is you, who has to find this out. You might spend quality time with her to find what her preferences are. If your partner loves foreplay then you can indulge more into it. Just ensure that she is happy with whatever you are doing, and wants you to do more of it.

Do simple sexual things to satisfy her

Many men ignore the importance of the foreplay, as they think it is not worth trying. You cannot directly start with the act, as she might not like it at all. She wants you to discover the curves of her body and play with them, so that she feels relaxed and happy.

If you are not sure about the sexual things that turn her on, then spend time to know about it. You need to understand her sexual needs, as only then it is possible to satisfy her sexual needs in the best possible manner. Don't hesitate to ask her about what she prefers, and wants. In case, she is not aware of the same then you can spend time in learning the same.

Help your partner get orgasm

There are quite a few simple tips that will help your partner reach orgasm. Don't commit the mistake of assuming anything, as her expectations from you might be quite different. Instead of just concentrating on penetration, you can also try some other tips that will be quite useful in giving her a pleasurable drive.

The Smell Of Love…

When we talk about smell of love, it is not limited to scented candles or burning scented oils. It is all about creating a lasting effect of a particular smell on her mind and body. For instance, if you think she reacts to a particular fragrance a lot then make sure you apply it every time you plan to have sex. Once she develops the tendency of reacting sexually towards a particular smell, than it will be difficult to control her arousal. All you need to do is to explain her that you want some sex just to make sure that she gets her smell of love.

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