Make Her Feel Special By Appreciating About The Qualities She Has

Men usually think of different ways to satisfy their partners. In the same way, women love to be around men, who are quite active in bed and would do everything to satisfy them. Both, men and women want to reach climax. However, not many women could reach climax, despite trying effortlessly.

As per a research, it was found that more than 70 percent of women have never enjoyed orgasm at all. Well that is huge in number. Men, despite gathering all the information about sex and sexual position are never able to satisfy their partners. Women can reach orgasm through oral sex or fingering, or both.

Find the reasons

These are natural ways of getting sexually satisfied. Despite many efforts, if she is not able to enjoy sex then there is a possibility that she is suffering from some sexual issues. Unlike other medical problem, this issue is not detected obviously. Some of the problems can be overpowered over a period of time, while others can be too tough.

Many women are quite old fashioned when it comes to sex. It means they are hesitant or shy when it comes to sex. They don't open up so easily, which restricts enjoying intimacy in the way it is supposed to be. If you think your partner is shy then don't force yourself on her. It will scare her, and she wouldn't be able to enjoy the act the way she is supposed to.

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Make her feel special

Women, as compared to men are quite conscious about their looks, weight, height, and others. Some of them might not be comfortable revealing themselves quite openly in front of her partner. In this case, ensure that you don't do anything that will make her guilty about her look.

Instead, you can discover her body and make her comfortable in such a way that she would love herself for the same. Women like to be appreciated about their body, so admire it genuinely. You can also tell her how much she excites you and increase your cravings towards her.

These things are quite simple and effective as well. However, men forget their importance and don't ever think about it.

She wants to be the best

Women want to be your best sex partner, irrespective of the fact that you were previously engaged with someone. Thus, she mainly concentrates on things that will excite you and make you feel special. In fact, she forgets how important it is for her to enjoy this special moment.

Some women have small vagina or experience pain during orgasm. This is quite common initially when she is having sex for the first or the second time. However, the fear remains in her mind forever, and she restrains herself from enjoying orgasm. She might tell you about her pain, but it is necessary to check her reaction during lovemaking.

If she is stressed, then she wouldn't think of sex a lot. In this case, it is necessary to relax her, before you start with the act. Ensure that she also enjoys the act the same way as you do, so that there is more fun in lovemaking.

Special Occasions

Sex is definitely exciting, but not when it is done just the same old way every time. If you really wish to spice up things, it is necessary that you keep introducing something new. Planning a special evening is one of those differences that you can get in your sex life. Plan a date and lead it towards your sexual fantasies. Arouse her very slowly by talking dirty right from the beginning to the night. Keep on teasing her the entire evening to build a perfect mood. When you are finally alone in the bedroom give as much time as possible in foreplay, caress her entire body for long since that is what satisfies a girl. Before you will even know, you both will be having some great and hot sex.

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