Make Sexual Experience Quite Exciting By Adding Suspense Into The Game

You would have already learnt about things that need to be done in bed to excite your partner. Men usually prefer to help their partner to reach orgasm, and don't mind spending quality time in bed, so that they can enjoy the act. It makes them proud when they see their partner reach orgasm. Many forget to concentrate on their personal sexual needs, which is quite similar to their partners.

Men also dream of reaching orgasm, as their partners want to. However, not always they succeed, as they mainly focus on the needs of their partners. There are simple ways through which you can also take care of your sexual needs. Women, usually don't reveal the fact if they have reached orgasm, as many times they fake.

Sex is quite exciting

Sex is about enjoying things, and making things as pleasurable as possible. For this, you need to understand each other's sexual cravings and passionately work on it. Women can let their partner stimulate her clitoris in a passionate manner. Sometimes, some of the positions might not be quite comfortable.

This might prevent you from enjoying sex and reaching orgasm. In this case, you can actually navigate your partner, and encourage him to do things that will excite you. As the flow begins, ensure that neither one of you stop in between. This will act as a major distraction, and take time to get back in the flow.

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Make sex quite exciting

Women fantasize about sex and sexual positions, just as men do. If you have a fantasy, then it is suggested to try it, as it will make your sexual experience more pleasurable. Even women think of interesting and erotic sexual things, as men do. They do not discuss things, unless they are comfortable with their partners.

Sex partners, who usually try something new and exciting in bed, don't experience boredom at all. It is necessary to have a relaxed mind and body, as stress can take off the fun part from your sexual life. There is no rule to enjoy intimacy. You can try all of the things that you feel will make you comfortable and excited.

Go wild in bed:

Couples who go wild and try exciting things usually discover new ways to enjoy each and every moment that they spend together in bed. Instead of following the old styles to make love, you can creatively think of new ways to make it quite interesting.

The same old style and position will reduce your fun in the act. No doubt, it will make you perfect, but it will become quite monotonous with passage of time. Many couples are reluctant to try new positions, as they are not confident about how exciting it could be. This is a wrong notion, as you wouldn't know the fun involved in it unless you try it.

Always add new ideas and do sexy things that will improve your sexy experience all the time. You can do things that will excite your partner, and will encourage him to bow down in front of you.

Have An Affair With Your Partner

No matter how much you love your partner, the idea of having an affair is exciting in its own way. How about sharing this idea with your partner to have some hot sex, well, inform your partner about this little sexy game and ask her to meet you at a different restaurant, say some place that you have never tried before. Meet each other as strangers and start everything all over again. The only thing you both need to focus on is seducing each other verbally. Try to pretend like two lusty lovers. If you are actually trying this out then you both are indeed lusty lovers. Just to make it work right, don't go at your or hers place in the end, instead select a totally new place say a hotel room.

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