Understand The Sexual Needs Of Your Partner

It was found that half of the women are never sexually satisfied, as they don't ever reach orgasm. If you think, you are good in bed, then check if you have ever satisfied your partner sexually. Instead of assuming the answer yourself, it is suggested that you check with her, as she would let you know about her expectations.

It is not always due to the mistake or incapability of men that women don't reach orgasm. Sometimes, the problem is with women and their mental status. It is true that not many realize this fact, and continue blaming their partner for everything. As per the experts, there are many reasons that impact women and their sexual satisfaction.

She loves foreplay

Many women love foreplay, though they might not tell their partner quite openly about the same. If she is going through physical and mental stress then there are chances that she will be never sexually satisfied, no matter whatever you do. Men enjoy being with a partner, who reacts the same way as men do in bed. Thus, take time to excite her and this is possible through foreplay.

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Spend more time with your partner and explore her body parts that will excite her tremendously. Tickling her, relax her through massage or play with her private part for maximum time. The more time you spend with her down there, better will be her excitement.

Understand her concern

If she is with you for the first time, then don't expect her to open up quite easily. You need to do everything that will relax her and make her comfortable in bed. Don't try to rush into the act, as it will not result into anything at all. Slowly and gradually undress her and play with her breasts.

While doing so, check her reactions as it might indicate what she wants from you. Don't make any negative comment about her breast size or other part of her body. No one would like such comments, especially when they are with you. Ensure to make her as much comfortable as possible, so that she can open herself completely in front of you.

Start with the act slowly and check what she likes and how she would want it to be done. This will let you know how to proceed ahead and what things you can do to satisfy her. Once you have aroused her you can enter into her and give her the climax she desired to.

Don't be too fast, as she wouldn't be able to enjoy it completely. If she doesn't prefer to indulge into masturbation then don't force her to do so. Rather allow her to do whatever she prefers, as then you both will be able to enjoy the act. Many women silently guide their partner and let them know what they prefer in the sexual act.

When you both are in bed, ensure to pay maximum attention to her needs. Make an attempt to understand her needs and then act accordingly.

Think Teen

All of us remember falling in love in our teens. Things were new and so much fun. Who would not like to go back in time and relive all those moments. Talk about it with your partner and dress up like you both used to, when you were teens. Visit places that you frequented and try doing it the way you did it for the first time. It might be a little hilarious, but for sure, you and your partner both will cherish it. Making out like teens will be really creative. The idea is not role playing, but being what you were once and doing it the way you used to.

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