Shredding The Myth Behind Female Ejaculation

Yes, female ejaculation is real. Just like men, women too when aroused ejaculate. Female ejaculation is an elusive topic that many people are not comfortable discussing. Why? What is the harm in talking about ejaculation in females? It is a natural phenomenon.

What exactly is a Female Ejaculation?

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, female ejaculation is the expulsion of small amount of liquid from the urethra when a woman is aroused or having an orgasm. Female ejaculation can be achieved by stimulating the G- spot.

Many people confuse female ejaculation from urinating, but this is not the case. The female ejaculate is odourless, clear and watery. Just like semen ejaculation in men, females ejaculate is released after orgasm and not before.

Truth behind Female Ejaculation

Many people are of the myth that female ejaculation can only be achieved by few women and is a part of urinary incontinence. Let us shatter such myths and look into the truth behind female ejaculation:

  • Female ejaculation comes from Skenes or Paraurethral glands
  • All women can ejaculate provided they start reading their body signals
  • Different techniques are available that can teach women to ejaculate
  • A women can ejaculate multiple times in a short period

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Scientists have conducted a lot of research into this mystery of female ejaculation and upon testing found that this liquid contains levels of glucose, prostatic acidphosphatase enzyme. This enzyme is a major component in the semen found in men.

What Happens During Female Ejaculation

In order to experience female ejaculation, you need to be fully aroused. Bear in mind, not all women get sexually aroused. If you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, you can always take the help of your partner.

You can begin by gently applying pressure onto your clitoris or G-spot till the time you feel sexually excited. On stimulation, your G-spot become hard and begins to swell. This happens due to the blood gushing into your G-spot.

If you and your partner like to try out new things during sex, you can ask them to use sex toys to make it easier to stimulate your G-spot. The amount of fluid you ejaculate after you reach orgasms might differ from one woman to another.

While one woman might ejaculate a sufficient amount of fluid, some might only be able to ejaculate a trickle. Imagine the look of surprise and happiness on your partner's face when he sees that he has made your ejaculate.

There is no harm in exploring your body. Let go of your guilt and learn what it feels like to be touched or caressed. Do not fret if you are not able to ejaculate.

The key ingredient here is to be patient. Practice makes one perfect. Once you get hold of the basics, you can practice different sex moves to see which position gets you the maximum outcome. You can even take the help of many online resources to learn different techniques on how to prolong your ejaculation and maximize your sexual pleasure.

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