Get Your Partner Off By Giving Them Touchless Orgasms

Have you ever come across the term touchless orgasms? It simply means bring your partner to a mind blowing orgasm, without touching them. If you really want to add spice into your love life, then you might want to give this technique a shot with your partner.

How Touchless Orgasms Get Your Partner Off

If you are a good story teller, then it might be easier for you to help your partner receive multiple orgasms. Touchless orgasms involve building erotic stories, something similar to phone sex, which will ultimately excite your partner.

Your story telling skills should be such that your partner can actually visualise the narration. Many people find it difficult to achieve orgasms and in some cases, she might actually fake it so as not to offend you. Bear in mind touchless orgasms all depend on time, mood and their power of imaginations.

Touchless Orgasms Can Help Improve Sexual Experience

In today's modern world, we are so caught up in our busy work schedules that we do not get to spend quality times with our partner. This is the perfect technique to try and make amends into your relationship.

Touchless orgasms can:

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  • Make sex a thrilling experience
  • Sets both you are your partner into the mood
  • Brings out the naughtier side of your relationship
  • Helps in fulfilling your darkest and secret fantasies
  • Helps you in setting a deeper connection with your partner

The Right Way to Try Touchless Orgasms

You need to be patient when it comes to such types of orgasms. The best time to try this would be at night. In order to get into the mood, you can purchase scented candles or dim the lights of your room.

First and foremost both of you need to relax. Pop some champagne or wine and let it works wonders onto your senses. Once both of you are comfortable, face each other and begin a normal conversation.

You know how your partner likes sex, so slowly and steadily begin weaving your story around it. If both of you are fully clothed, then tell her that it is a bit warm and they should remove some clothes. Talk about her erotic zones and how you would like to suck, or lick it.

Ensure that you modulate your tone to your story. Use the right pitch and make your voice huskier as you move forward into your story. If your woman likes dirty talk during sex, then make use of dirty languages or words that will get her excited. Describe the foreplay in depth. Bear in mind to complete your story before you proceed to the final stage.

Notice her expressions. If she pays more attention when you describe how you want to lick her, then dwell on it for a longer time.

Your sexual relationship with your partner will definitely reach new heights. In fact, you might actually find more ways to be close to your partner and enjoy sex with her. You need to be creative to ensure that your sex life rocks.

Be Shockingly Innovative And Flirty

As the number of times, you and your partner has had sex increases, the need to do something new and exciting also increases. Remember that, if things are done in the same old way, it will at a point lose its attraction. This is the case with sex life too. Think out of the box and try to do things innovatively. New sex positions, role-playing, sex toys, dirty talking, watching porn or erotic movies together, setting up a perfect horny atmosphere in room and much more are the things that you can do to spice up your sex life.

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