Make Your Sex Life Bloom With These Exciting Tips

Sex is necessary for not only maintaining our progeny, but also our relationship. While monotonous sex can be boring, being extra wild can also be a problem. Let us discuss about some facts that will help not only you, but also your partner to get exciting orgasm during sex and enjoy it to the fullest.

Let her reach the orgasm first

It is a reality that, men can attain orgasm nearly in half the time a woman does. Moreover, the chance of women having orgasm is less than half as compared to men. It is important for you to control your orgasm because as soon as you ejaculate, your energy becomes low.

Many times men ejaculate at the time when their woman is about to get the extreme pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and control your orgasm until your partner reaches it. The best thing you can do to stop ejaculation is, as soon as your nerves start getting excited you can squeeze your PC muscle like you do while controlling your urine.

You can also try different homeopathic drugs or natural solutions to increase the time of your sex game. These prescriptions have minimum or no side effects when compared to other drugs available in the market. You can also follow any one of these steps to last longer in bed.

  • Early ejaculation guides
  • Anti-depressant drugs
  • Numbing gels
  • Mental guidance
  • The squeeze exercise
  • Intimate coaching
  • Try something new

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Sex becomes boring after some time of marriage mainly because of the same pose involved. Bring some fun into your sexual activity by trying different postures. You can buy a book on “kamasutra” or you can also download some images from the internet to try different postures at home.

Try something new daily. For instance, you can enjoy the foodily version of sex, which includes chocolate or strawberry syrups. These foodstuffs make oral sex more delicious and interesting as well.

Give lubes a try

You might have heard about lubes, a boon for one going through dry sex. However, very few of you would know that it is a great way of increasing sexual pleasure and getting multiple orgasms. Often, women do not enjoy sex because of the pain they get due to friction caused by the genitals.

This friction can be easily reduced with the help of lubes. It also makes anal sex safer and easier (especially for your lady). More lubricated clit is more likely to go through subsequent multiple orgasms, which is difficult to achieve without proper lubrication.

You should always go for 100% natural lubes that contain no added chemicals or any harsh product. Instead they contain essential oils such as jojoba oil, eucalyptus and coconut oil which cause no harm to your genitals.


Just follow these simple and easy to use tips and you can bring new life to your dull boring sexual experience.

Get Sexy Things Into Your Bed

There are number of things available in the market, which can help you excite your bed life. Try bringing things that you think can help in arousing you and your partner. Simple lubes and sex toys also work fine if used properly. The simplest thing that you can get is an erotic novel. Ask your partner to repeat dialogues and play the situations. Easy and exciting isn't it? Similarly, you can use any household stuff in bed, if you think that will help you and your partner get in mood. Also, eatables like pastries and chocolates can help you in this regard.

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