Lube - The Perfect Companion For Sex Anywhere And Anytime

Lube is a great invention to enhance your sexual experience. It not only helps you to have sex anywhere anytime, but also enhance the chances of your woman having a powerful orgasm. Often people think that those who have sexual disabilities should use lube. Well, it is nothing more than a misnomer. Let us look at how lube can help you.

No more dryness and pain

Many times women might not be fully wet even after 100% arousal. The amount of fluid secreted inside vagina is not related to degree of arousal. For instance, a woman not at all willing to have sex can have a pool of fluid inside her vagina whereas one dying to get penetrated can have the inner environment as dry as Sahara.

Whatever be the reason, lube provides a great working environment. A drop of lube on your penis and inside her vagina makes sure that the process is carried out smoothly. The pain which is often caused due to friction of dry surface, do not allow a woman to enjoy the sex to its fullest. However, with lube this problem is also solved and you are left with only joy and no pain.

Easy Anal sex

Anal sex is often difficult especially for the receiving party due to absence of natural lubricants. A drop of lube not only makes the penetration during anal sex easy, but it also ensures that your mate do not go through extensive pain that is often encountered during such cases.

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Delicious oral pleasure

Often women do not like the taste of cum and penis during oral sex. The edible lube comes in a variety of flavours, which makes oral pleasure more enjoyable for both of you. Just ask your woman, which is her favourite flavour and bring a lube of the same taste. This will help her enjoy during oral sex as well.

These are free from any side effects. Therefore, you can easily use them anywhere on any place without the fear of having any problem.

More orgasms in women

Orgasm in men is easier to be attained whereas it is twice difficult for women to have one with the same degree of pleasure. Having sex after using lubes help in attaining orgasm in women. The genitals when rubbed with lubes are aroused more than direct sex, which leads to increased blood rush and swollen G spot.

Enhanced blood supply and puffy G spot is necessary to have strong orgasm in women. Moreover, the application of lube on penis helps in deeper penetration, which directly means more pleasure during sex.

100% natural

The lubes do not contain harsh chemicals that can affect your genitals. Instead it contains natural flavours and edible oil including jojoba and coconut oil. You can easily make one at home or you can also use your saliva for the same purpose (though it will not be delicious).


If you are looking for a great solution to dry painful sex, you should definitely consider lube.

Feel Sexy

The most important thing that anyone can do to look sexy is feel sexy. Your own confidence level describes how well you are going to perform in any task. Whether it is sex or work, you can do anything if you feel you can. Looking sexy is not something God gifted. Developing your own sexy look is possible for almost everyone. Alter a few things, like change your hairstyle, get some new clothes and try using fragrant scrubs and skin butter. These things really work in attracting someone special. The idea is simple, feel sexy, if you want to look sexy.

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