Interesting Facts About Clitoris You May Want To Know

Clitoris is the tiny spot in-between your legs that give you the extreme pleasure of orgasm. It is the organ made to provide you pure pleasure. 70% women go through clitoral orgasms rather than the G spot orgasms, which are harder to achieve. Let us talk about some more interesting facts about this tiny organ that you may not know but wanted to.

It is made for pure pleasure only

The fact that it contains more than 8,000 nerve endings, supports the point that it was made to give you pleasure. Although the organ is very small as compared to other genital parts, it can produce pleasure that can significantly affect more than 15,000 nearby nerves.

It cannot be picked up or moved

The closer your clitoris is to your vagina, the more chances are for strong multiple orgasms. Owning to this fact, few women tried to have their clitoris replaced. However, the reality is something else. Clitoris is not just the part visible to you (they are just head and hood). It is made up of:

  • The clitoral head
  • The urethral sponge
  • The clitoral shaft
  • The hood
  • Erectile tissues
  • Vestibular bulbs
  • Glands
  • The crura also known as the clitoral legs

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Because of the parts that are embedded inside your skin lining, moving clitoris by surgical method is not only difficult but impossible. A woman called Marie Bonaparte also went through clitoris moving surgery. However, apart from the pain and inconvenience she faced during it, the surgery was a failure.

Hormonal changes make it grow

Clitoris does not keep on growing with age. The growth of clitoris generally starts after puberty. It becomes four times its initial size after the age of 30s after which the growth is more rapid. It can become seven times bigger than initial size at 60s or 70s, the reason why older women find sex more enjoyable. Moreover, it can grow or get bigger in size in response to several hormones.

Its sensitivity can be increased

The sensitivity of your small clit can be increased by going under the knife. Several women have tried it and it often works well. The thing which is done in such surgeries is cutting a small part of the hood to remove excess tissues and increase its sensitivity.

Several women also go through size reduction surgeries in which the excess part of clitoris is removed. Others also try the clit enlargement surgery in which extra layer of hood is grown above the natural growth with the help of nano cells.

Often women go through such surgeries to deal with the pain caused by clitoris. Yes, clitoris can be painful often because of inflammations and allergies. In such cases, many gynaecologists generally prescribe going under the knife. However, removed clitoris does not mean you cannot indulge in sex. There are several ways recommended by doctors to maintain the sensitivity, which helps in having the same experience during sex.

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