How To Maintain Your Sex Life After Having Children

Sexual life often changes and comes to a halt after childbirth. You are no longer alone in your bed. You have the responsibilities of your kids and your house. Maintaining a strong connection with your partner and getting a quick sex anywhere helps to prevent the problem. If you are also suffering from such a problem, do read the tips mentioned below.

1. Plan date nights

Date nights are not just for bachelors. They are a great way of blooming up your married life. The happiest couples never stop having dates, even after their marriage. It provides quality time, which helps to connect both of you emotionally and recuperate romance and affection in your life.

You can make child care arrangement for your special time. Make sure your date night is free from kids to avoid your date from becoming a family dinner. It is your time to move out of your house, leaving your responsibilities at home for some time. However, getting child care is easier said than done.

Apart from professional babysitting you can also take the help of your family members and friends. Once they get to know what you are going through, they will definitely be happy to help you. However, make sure you make proper arrangements for your baby. Otherwise, the calls from your peers will leave your date night unhappy.

2. Don't sleep with your kids

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Do not allow kids to sleep in between both of you in bed, as it can create an emotional gap between you. If you are afraid of leaving your kid in room alone, you can go with baby beds inside your room. You can also have baby walkie-talkie to ensure that you are in touch with your baby even without being in their room. This will ensure that you get sex although a quickie, when your kid is asleep.

3. Surprise your partner

Surprising your partner every now and then is a great way of bringing back life to your dull relationship. For instance, you can leave your kids in their granny's house and surprise your husband when he comes back from his office. Be ready by dressing your best or wearing the set of lingerie he likes the most. You can also decorate the room to make him feel more aroused.

4. Try other ways

Even if you do not get enough time for bed sex, you can give each other pleasure with oral sex. Just a quick oral sex is enough to make your day. You can also try a quickie in shower, kitchen and even on stairs. Do not leave a chance of having sex. This will not only bloom up your sexual life, but will also help you in knowing how much you loved doing it with one another.


Do not consider the loss of formal sex a burden on your life. Instead talk about it and laugh. You need to tell your children about it sooner or later, but for now make sure you lock the door.

If You Know You Can Have Sex Whenever You Want, It'll Lose Its Charm

Planning when you are going to have sex and acting upon them is really a boring concept. However, if you deal with it wisely it can be a big turn on. Don't you think, if you have the liberty of doing sex just whenever you want will make the entire idea of having sex boring. Instead of doing sex every now and then try to plan things a little differently. There is a lot that you and your partner can do apart from sex. Go clubbing or do whatever excites you and leave sex for a couple of nights. Do it when you are completely charged and aroused.

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