How To Give Your Partner Orgasm During Sex

Orgasm is one of the greatest pleasures in sex. However, around 70% women do not achieve it during intercourse. There might be several reasons underlying this problem. Let us look at few of them and find a solution to help you give your date a wonderful orgasm tonight.

Compliment her

The social stigma of girl being good in sex only if she is beautiful or sexy deprives her of having orgasm. The moment she gets intimate with you, her mind diverts towards how she will look naked. The increased consciousness in her mind stops her from going with the flow.

As you may know, being fully aroused and stress free is necessary to have orgasm during sex. Therefore, it is your job to make her feel beautiful. Compliment her every now and then, especially when she is naked in front of you.

Tell her how beautiful her body looks. Telling all these things to her will help in boosting her confidence and she will enjoy having sex with you more than ever, which will eventually results in orgasm (who knows the multiple ones).

Be good at foreplay

Women orgasms are tougher to be achieved. Therefore, it needs proper conditioning of not only vagina, but also her mind. To make her feel fully aroused and into it, it is necessary you to go through a good foreplay. This foreplay will develop her mood to engage in sexual activity with you and have orgasm.

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The best thing you can do is start with a soft and long foreplay. Kiss her on neck and ears to arouse her fully. You can also bring her a set of lingerie to make her feel sexier. More and more foreplay will help in rushing the blood towards her clitoris to make her ready for orgasm. Moreover, because of this foreplay her g-spot will also swell up and increase the chances of g-spot orgasm.

Let her go with the flow

The lack of knowledge especially for the women, who have never had an orgasm before may prevent her from experiencing one. The sudden tickling and rushing of blood to genitals makes her feel uncomfortable for a second and she either changes the position or stop her excitement without knowing the fact that she was about to feel the pleasure of orgasm.

The best thing you can do is tell her how she feels. You can also share your experience of first orgasm and convince her to let herself go with the flow. The more she will know about how it feels, the more she will want to have. Moreover, in case of orgasm the rule of “if you want it, you will have it” applies.

You can also talk dirty with her in-between the intercourse. Tell her what is happening in her body and how her nipples are becoming stiffer and tighter and how you are feeling to just suck them down. These dirty talk will certainly help her reach the peak of arousal and finally to the climax.


It may take time to reach climax. Therefore, be patient and give her enough time to experience the pleasure.

Surprise Each Other Sexually

Surprising each other sexually is the best thing any couple can do. If you are planning a hot marathon sex, keep arousing your partner well in advance. You can message him things like, you are having a shower and moving your fingers around your nipples or tell him over a call that you are not wearing panties. You can also try touching and caressing her hot spots like her breast, inner thighs, etc. when you are out and have lots of people around. These things are adventurous and it will help you both build a perfectly horny mood. Employ these simple tips and see how your simple lovemaking experience turns into a memorable one.

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