Consider The Qualities That Women Search In A Guy

Guys love attracting beautiful ladies and remain in the limelight forever. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to drive a girl crazy for you. Whenever you are talking to a girl ensure that you look straight into her eyes. If you liked a girl, then look straight at her continuously. If by chance she looks at you, then look away from her. Well, if she turns back and looks at you, then it indicates that she is also interested in you.

How to develop a good personality

Guys, develop a charm in your personality and grace, which will attract her. While walking keep your chest and head straight. It reveals your confidence. Many of you guys have the habit of staring at the ground, for no reasons. Guys get rid of this habit, as it portrays negative image about your personality.

They love men who can pick any casual topic to chat with. It's necessary to have a positive body language, while interacting with them. Let her talk and express herself. Don't surprise her by making a negative statement or remark. They might need your help to take the conversation to a higher level. Whenever you are with a woman, try to be a good listener.

You could interact with her on the topics like-

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  • Her interests- ask her about her likes and dislikes
  • Hobbies
  • Plans- know more about her future plans

Whatever you talk, make sure the conversation does not become boring and dull. Try to keep it short and simple. You could obviously leave some topics for the next meeting. If she likes you, she will not mind exchanging her contact number. Once you both are comfortable with each other, try to flirt with her and do it in the right way. While flirting, do not embarrass her with your words.

With magical words, proper body language, and right skills you can attract her like a magnet. Do not worry if she does not respond back to you or ignores you. If this happens, then look for another option. Spend your time with beautiful ladies in clubs, parties, or social events. Interact with them about relationships and dating. By talking to different ladies, you can work on your confidence. You will learn the right ways to impress them.

How to develop an elusive personality

Don't go on and on talking, leave something for the next meeting. Send her few sweet messages and wait for her response. If she calls you, then you win. Hold on to your excitement and don't let her know that you were waiting her for call.

Never show your desperation towards her. It will be a negative trait and it might irritate her. Hence, she might lose interest in you. Ladies are quite emotional. Try to be with her during her hard times. Make her feel special. Share your sorrow and beautiful experiences and strengthen your emotional relationship. You could share your ambitions and career plans with her.

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